Beyond Tradition: Avery Law’s Modern Journey with Clio Manage

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Avery Law

  • 2012

    Year Founded
  • 20

    Number of Staff
  • 2015

    Started Using Clio
  • London, England, UK

  • Commercial Law

    Practice Areas

As a boutique city firm built to be entirely virtual, Avery Law rejected traditional models in favour of a contemporary practice that leverages cloud-based technology to improve efficiency and keep costs down. Learn how the English firm has embraced a modern, virtual model for practising law with Clio Manage and Clio Grow.

How Avery Law Thrives as a Boutique Law Firm

David Turney embodies the modern legal professional, epitomising flexibility and efficiency in his practice. “Most law firms are still traditional law firms,” David remarks, highlighting his perspective as one of two managing partners at Avery Law. “We’re a boutique law firm that can operate almost virtually.”

Avery Law’s departure from traditional models is evident in its embrace of a contemporary approach. It leverages cloud-based technology and employs an agile team of remote consultants and support staff. This strategic choice allows the firm to move beyond traditional legal workplaces’ physical limitations and costs.

Responsibilities such as administration, billing, and human resources fall squarely on the partners’ shoulders in a small firm like Avery Law. However, with the aid of technology, David and his team manage these tasks seamlessly. “Lawyer, accounts, HR—we’re all of that for the firm,” David explains. “Clio saves us so much time because we can get back to what we’re good at, which is being lawyers.”

David’s utilisation of Clio’s cloud-based practice management software underscores the firm’s commitment to efficiency and client service. By streamlining processes and reclaiming valuable time, David and his team can prioritise their core competency—serving clients and practising law. 

“With Clio, we improve efficiency and turnaround time for clients, reclaim precious time to spend with family, and keep costs down.”

Embracing technology for the better

From the beginning, Avery Law has been at the forefront of embracing a modern, virtual model for practising law. However, as the firm evolved, it encountered challenges with outdated and labour-intensive administrative and billing practices that fell short of the contemporary vision of a cloud-based firm.

“We ran a very manual process when we first started,” recalls David Turney. “It always used to take a lot of time to engage clients and manually produce invoices.”

As Avery Law expanded, managing the practice became increasingly more complex and lacked efficiency. Recognising the need for a solution to streamline processes and reduce unnecessary costs and labour, David searched for the right case management software.

“I started the hunt around case management software because doing everything manually was inefficient.” 

“Clio stood out to me. It looked great, was user-friendly, and appeared to be the most useful for an English law firm. I didn’t turn back after I found Clio.”

Exceptional Support: The backbone of technology integration 

Although David had initial questions when integrating Clio into the firm’s systems, he found Clio’s support team invaluable, especially in catering to the specific needs of an English law firm like Avery Law.

“The support was great when I had a lot of questions about how to integrate things for an English law firm. They were really on it and responded with the exact solution, which was encouraging.”

Firm efficiency amplified with Clio

Harnessing the power of Clio, Avery Law has revolutionised its operational efficiency, creating a seamless and productive workflow for the entire team. With Clio’s array of features, including engagement and communication templates, administrative tasks are executed with unparalleled speed, significantly reducing time investments.

This streamlined process has profoundly impacted Avery Law’s overall productivity. The team seamlessly adapted to Clio, experiencing a noticeable increase in workflow efficiency. 

Moreover, Clio’s cloud-based software simplifies invoicing, a critical aspect of legal operations. Avery Law maximises revenue generation by expediting the invoicing process and ensuring timely submissions. “I think the efficiency is the key,” David emphasises. “Using Clio got us into good habits in invoicing quickly because it was so easy to do.”

Beyond billing and time tracking, Clio seamlessly integrates with other essential tools such as NetDocuments for document management and Xero for accounting, creating a centralised case-management experience for Avery Law. This integration enhances the firm’s capabilities, further solidifying its position as a leader in modern legal practice.

Clio is the cornerstone of Avery Law’s technological infrastructure, empowering the team to operate with unparalleled efficiency and productivity. With each task streamlined and each process optimised, Avery Law is primed for continued success in the digital age.

“I can set up a new matter, get an engagement letter on the system, and send it out very quickly. I used to spend 30 minutes to an hour preparing engagement letters and getting a client onboarded. Now, I can get the client onboarded in 10 to 15 minutes.”

Leveraging the Cloud for Maximum Flexibility

David emphasises the critical role of a virtual model in Avery Law’s operations and stresses the importance of cloud-based systems. With Clio’s secure cloud-based platform, David and the team at Avery Law can seamlessly access their data from any location without concerns about it being tied to a single computer. Moreover, the assurance of secure data backups in the cloud provides peace of mind for the firm and its clients.

David also highlights the benefits of a cloud-based system for attracting top talent. “The cloud-based system works well for our team and has allowed us access to a wider talent pool,” he notes. Avery Law’s virtual nature enables the firm to engage consultant solicitors who work flexibly from home or remote locations, further enhancing the firm’s capabilities and reach.

“For us, being cloud-based is important; I didn’t want a firm system where we could only save things on one computer or an in-house server. I wanted to get everything on the cloud so that when I go home or abroad, I can pick up and continue my work without interruption—because we, as a firm, are always moving around, working from home, working from different places.”

Building better relationships with an adaptable practice

David eloquently encapsulates Avery Law’s ethos: “It’s not just about business. It’s actually about relationships.” With the firm’s pioneering virtual model bolstered by Clio, David navigates representing the firm while cultivating stronger client connections.

This sentiment underscores a profound truth: the benefits of leveraging legal tech extend beyond mere financial gains.

By embracing technology, Avery Law has optimised efficiency and spearheaded a new business paradigm that prioritises work-life balance for its team. This newfound efficiency affords the team more quality time with their families—a testament to the transformative impact of technology on both professional and personal lives.

“I’ve noticed that, as a team, we have become more efficient. We can complete tasks quickly and finish earlier, so I’m not working all through the night like I used to.”

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