Legal Matter Management Software

  • Matters Dashboard UK

    Every case detail in the right place

    Don’t waste time manually tracking and organising case information. With Clio, legal matter management is seamless and efficient. Accelerate your matter creation with templates and track every detail of every case from a single dashboard. Link every contact, event, Task, communication, and time entry to the appropriate Matter—and add notes for you and your staff at any time. Organise all text, audio, and visual files for each case with unlimited document storage.

  • Matters Dashboard Details

    Organise and track the case information you need

    Keep information consistent across your matters with Clio’s legal matter management capabilities. Create Custom Fields for your most important case details. Search or browse information in Clio based on your Custom Fields. Apply Custom Fields to document and matter templates so they pull case information automatically when creating new documents and matters.

  • Clio Manage Case Management Matter Stages Animation

    A firm-wide view of every case

    Keep up with every new case development and manage matters easily. Clio’s Firm Feed tracks every matter update (including for civil and criminal legal aid matters in England and Wales), allowing you to see who made what change, and when. Create custom stages and gain greater insights on matter timelines at a glance, prevent bottlenecks, and quickly take action on matters that need attention.
    See new time entries, document uploads, and more—so that you can be on top of every detail as it happens.