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Make it easy for your clients to pay their bills, anytime, anywhere. Our built-in online payments solution gets you paid faster—improving your collection rates and firm efficiency.

Clio Payments is included as part of all Clio Manage subscriptions to customers in the UK, Ireland, the U.S., and Canada.

Make it easier for clients to pay and for you to get paid


    Your to-do-list is long enough, and when it comes to payments, you’re likely chasing down outstanding invoices or struggling to keep up with your legal billing. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


    Make the collections process fast, automated, and convenient for you and your clients, with Clio’s online payment solution built specifically for law firms.

Accept online payments: Get paid faster, waste less time, and provide a better payment experience.

Clio Payments - Payment received notification
  • Get paid sooner with convenient payment options

    Clio's online payment processing solution makes it easy for clients to pay bills online as soon as they receive them. Clients can securely pay bills or client funds requests online through your website, client portal, by email, and more.

  • Remove the stress of large, unexpected legal bills

    Give your clients flexibility with automated payment plans. Break payments into manageable amounts and set a schedule that fits your client’s needs (and your firm’s cash flow).

  • Handle billing and payments—all in one go

    Manage online payments through a seamless collections process. Payments are automatically associated with client bills and synced to your accounting platform, leading to fewer manual data errors—and more time back in your day.

A legal payments solution your firm can trust

  • Real-time insights into your finances

    Stay on top of all your transactions with financial reports and instant payment notifications to get a real-time view of any outstanding balances. Set automated payment reminders for any bills that need additional follow-up.

  • The simple solution to complex client accounting regulations

    Clio handles all client accounting-related transactions in compliance with client accounting and SRA guidance. With operating and client funds kept separate, funds in your client account are protected from all third-party debiting, including processing fees and chargebacks.

  • Operate in accordance with PCI legislation

    Clio uses the payment industry’s most advanced security measures—with bank-grade protection of client data and proactive fraud detection—so you can safely accept online payments.

  • Simple and transparent pricing

    Online payments are included in all Clio Manage subscriptions. With Clio Payments, always know exactly what you’re paying. Clio Payments’ transparent, upfront pricing and no monthly subscription is easy to calculate and understand—and has no hidden costs or fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clio Payments?

Built within the powerful Clio Manage infrastructure, it offers a faster, more transparent collections experience and real-time view of transactions. Payments get recorded automatically in Clio and are synced to your accounting platform—saving time and effort. And you can send client funds payment requests knowing Clio keeps you compliant with client accounting rules.

Is Clio Payments PCI Compliant?

Clio Payments is built to ensure all payments are PCI compliant. The processing, transmission, and storage of card data is handled in a way that meets the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.

Where is Clio Payments available?

Clio Payments is available to customers in the UK, Ireland, the U.S., and Canada.

What is Clio’s chargeback guarantee?

Credit card disputes happen, and if and when they do, Clio has you covered. Chargebacks are fees charged by banks when a client disputes a charge, but rest assured that funds will never be taken from your client account. If a chargeback occurs, you will be alerted and our team can walk you through the dispute process step by step at your request.

How do I accept online payments with Clio?

Clio Manage customers can set up Clio Payments right from within Clio Manage by going to the Online payments tab. From there, select the Access more features subtab, and click Activate today. You’ll be asked to enter details about your business and financial institutions. Once done, activation takes as little as one minute.

What information is required to set up payments in Clio Manage?

To set up payments in Clio Manage from a UK Clio account, you’ll need the following information:

  • Bank account number for the account you wish to receive payments into 
  • Sort code
  • VAT number (if applicable)
  • Company number (if applicable).

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