Clio Grow

Legal Appointment Booking Software

Deliver the effortless experience clients expect while automating your firm’s intake process with Clio Scheduler. Make it easy for prospective clients to book and confirm their appointments with you.

Make booking appointments online a breeze

Enjoy appointment booking in the cloud that’s convenient for everyone—you, your firm, and your clients. Reduce the risk of no-shows, automate your client intake process, and save time.

Appointment Booking Scheduler
  • Stay in control of your calendar

    Booking preferences mean you can prevent same-day, back-to-back, or last-minute appointment bookings. Optimise your day and get back the time you need to leave new clients with a great first impression.

  • Reduce the friction of booking and rescheduling appointments

    Manage your schedule in a way that works for you by offering available time slots in your calendar—fully accessible from an easy-to-use online booking page.

  • Deliver a better client experience—in the cloud

    Offer a modern, hassle-free online booking experience with automated appointment confirmations and reminders.

Offer an online appointment booking system that works for your firm

Clio Scheduler makes it easy to connect with and schedule in new clients while offering a consistently great client experience with your firm—from anywhere, at any time.

  • Integrate Clio’s legal appointment booking software with tools you already use

    Keep record-keeping consistent across your entire firm. Clio Scheduler enables events and appointments to appear automatically in your Outlook and Google calendars.

  • Keep intake details in one central, cloud-based system

    Take advantage of the Clio Suite and sync Clio Scheduler with Clio Manage, so you can integrate your calendars with Outlook or Google. Save time and avoid double bookings and manual data entry.

  • Add Clio Scheduler to Google My Business and turn Google searches into clients

    Potential clients can book appointments right from your Business Profile in Google with Clio Scheduler. Once an appointment is booked, a lead is added to Clio Grow, making intake even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Clio Scheduler work?

Clio Scheduler syncs client intake bookings from Clio Grow to your calendar in Clio Manage. As such, your firm needs the Clio Suite to benefit from Clio Scheduler.

How can I get access to Clio Scheduler?

Customers that have the Clio Suite (both Clio Grow and Clio Manage) will have access to Clio Scheduler.

How much does Clio Scheduler cost?

Clio’s legal appointment booking software, Scheduler, is a feature included in the Clio Suite. Pricing can be found on our website here.

What is legal appointment booking software?

Legal appointment booking software automates the appointment booking process at a law firm. This software allows one party to see the other party’s availability, and to instantly book an appointment without the back-and-forth of a phone call or email.

What does Clio’s legal appointment booking software look like to a potential new client?

Potential new clients will interact with an easy-to-use interface where they can select an appointment date and time based on the available time slots. After submitting their contact and appointment details, they’ll be sent an email confirming the appointment.

How will I know when a potential new client has scheduled an appointment with me?

When an appointment has been scheduled with you using Clio’s legal appointment booking software, you’ll receive an email confirmation of the event and it will be automatically added to your Clio Manage calendar. If you have a third party calendar (such as Google Calendar or Outlook) synced to your Clio Manage calendar, the event will appear in those calendars as well.