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How do I choose the best law practice management software?

Before you jump in, it's important to consider your law firm's business needs and priorities. Here are the most important criteria to consider when choosing the best legal practice management software for your law firm.

  • Product

    While there are standard features across practice management software, different vendors will have their own unique offerings.


    • Does the vendor offer features that you need and will drive value (e.g. automated client intake and onboarding, document management, payment processing)?
    • Does the vendor offer integrations with your current system (such as Outlook, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and so on)?
  • Security

    Lawyers need to operate under strict rules when it comes to security, such as the duty to protect client information.


    • Which encryption methods are used?
    • Where are the servers used to store data located?
    • How often data is backed up? If you plan to host your own servers through an on-premise solution, be aware that you may be at greater risk for disruption in the case of a fire, flood, earthquake, or other disasters.
  • Ease of Use

    Make sure to trial different options to see which one is the most intuitive.


    • How easy is the practice management software to use on a day-to-day basis?
    • How easy is it to set up and customise for your firm?
  • Support

    Using any kind of new technology usually comes with a learning curve. Having responsive, readily available support is important when you’re dealing with client matters.


    • If you have a question or need help, how do you get in contact with your vendor?
    • What hours is support available?
  • Cloud or On-Premise

    Choosing on-premise or cloud-based deployment will depend on where you want your data to be stored.


    • Can you access practice management software through any web browser, from any device, on any network?
    • Are you responsible for storing data and maintaining servers? With cloud-based, this is handled for you.
  • Pricing

    The cheapest legal practice management software is not always the best one for your firm. Each vendor will offer different pricing but it’s important to understand the value and return on investment you’ll get compared to the number on the price tag.


    • Are you locked into contracts once you sign up?
    • Can you take your data with you if you choose to cancel?
    • Is data migration included? Is support?

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How Clio solves common law firm pain points

  • I spend too much time on my monthly billing

    Generate bills in one click, set up automated payment plans, and make collecting outstanding balances and replenishing trust accounts easy with recurring credit card payments—reducing collection time and increasing cash flow.

  • Generating new business and managing client onboarding is hard

    Clio Grow unlocks opportunities to find new leads and convert leads to clients in an organised and automated system with intake forms, appointment scheduling, reminders, and more.

  • Managing and drafting documents takes too long

    Organise and access documents from anywhere with unlimited cloud storage. Use document automation to transform your Microsoft Word documents into reusable templates that you can populate without retyping client or matter information.

  • I have limited insight into how the firm is performing

    Track critical financial data on your firm’s collections, outstanding balances, and employee productivity in an easy-to-digest format creating actionable strategies for increased profitability and growth.

  • I find it hard to stay on top of appointments and tasks

    Eliminate missed deadlines with legal calendaring. Customise task list templates to fit your preferred workflows and automatically apply them to new matters, saving time and ensuring consistency across the firm.

  • Finding case information takes longer than it should

    Instantly access essential case information including contacts, documents, calendar events, notes, time entries, and bills from a centralised matter dashboard, allowing you to get up to speed quickly.


What is the difference between law practice management software and matter management software?

Matter management and practice management are two sides of the same coin. Matter management software is a platform where all case-related information (such as deadlines, evidence, witnesses, and more) is stored, managed, and accessed. 

On the other hand, practice management software helps lawyers manage their firm and includes case management features along with document management, client intake, calendaring, and other features that help with firm processes and workflows.

Some vendors will lean more towards the managing law firm aspect over the case management aspect of practice management software. However, for lawyers, both are very important.

What is the best matter management software for lawyers?

As with most complex legal matters, the answer is it depends. Not all practice types are created equal. Layer jurisdiction-specific regulations on top of these nuances and you have law firms of all sizes and shapes that will have different needs. The best case management software for a solo practitioner may not be the same as the best one for a law firm that’s looking to scale.

The best case management software is the one that best meets your needs as a lawyer and your clients’ needs.

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