Easy Migration, Big Gains: Collective Law’s Leap-to-Clio Success Story

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Legal management software should streamline a solicitor’s workflows and improve their processes. But when your software starts working against you, it is time to reassess.

This was the challenge faced by Sana Saddique, founder of Collective Law Solicitors, a Birmingham-based solo law firm specialising in private family law. Despite initially using Leap, Sana encountered many hurdles and sought a more efficient solution.

Discover how Clio transformed the operations of Collective Law Solicitors, leading to increased efficiency, improved client management, and a seamless transition from Leap.

The Challenge: Leap’s Limitations and Frustrations

Having used Leap at a previous practice, Sana continued with it when launching Collective Law Solicitors. However, issues with Leap’s customer service and functionality became apparent within just three months.

Sana’s business bank account wasn’t connecting correctly, which meant her client accounts weren’t syncing.

“As a start-up business, I need help immediately when something isn’t working.”

“Leap’s customer service team advised investigating the matter would take 14-21 days. That was a massive red flag for me. From a compliance point of view, that timeline left me in the lurch, and no one was willing to take ownership of the issue, which was incredibly frustrating.”

Making the Decision to Switch to Clio

While negotiating her way out of Leap’s rigid contract terms and frustrated by Leap’s limitations and long resolution times, Sana began researching alternatives. Recommendations on LinkedIn led her to Clio, and a positive experience at ClioCon London solidified her decision to transition from Leap to Clio Manage and Clio Grow.

“In a direct comparison, from how the system operates to the integration to customer service, to cost, it’s just a Clio win across the board.”

A Seamless Transition: Migrating from Leap to Clio

Recognising Leap wasn’t aligned with her business vision, Sana swiftly switched to Clio. The migration process, handled by Clio, was seamless. The straightforward system and responsive customer service made the transition painless.

“I had no problems migrating data out of Leap because Clio dealt with that for me. Switching was a very smooth process.”

“Some systems are so tech-focused that you must go through long training programmes to understand how to use them. You can do a one-hour demo with Clio, and you’re good to go.”

Having 24/5 support available through phone, email, and live chat also ensured that Clio’s team could always answer any of Sana’s day-to-day questions.

“When you’re starting off, you can often forget where to access certain features or how to complete different tasks in the system, so it’s easy to get in touch with Clio via live chat to get answers quickly”.

Streamlining Workflows: Time-Saving Efficiency with Clio

Efficient technology is necessary for businesses, especially solo law firms like Sana’s. Repetitive processes slow down the work pace. Sana found Leap clunky with unnecessary steps, but Clio’s intuitive technology helped her manage cases more efficiently.

“With family law, you can often have multiple cases for the same client. If I create a new matter for the same client, I don’t need to input all their data again; all their details are already on the system.”

Tracking and Converting Potential Leads

Before using Clio, Sana kept all her leads, consultations and enquiries in paper format. Now, thanks to Clio Grow, she can track and monitor all of Collective Law Solicitors’ leads and categorise them to see their process stage. She can also set reminders to follow up with leads, ensuring a stellar customer service experience.

When leads turn into clients, Sana can simply convert their existing information to Clio Manage, so she doesn’t have to double up on data inputting.

“Clio connects all the functionalities and features you need in business. And it’s all centralised in one place. It’s been a complete game changer regarding how I operate the business.”

Saving Two Hours a Day in Unnecessary Admin Work

Onboarding new clients can be arduous and, more often than not, a non-billable task. Thanks to Clio’s automation and use of e-signatures, Sana can onboard new clients in just 15 minutes – a task that could easily take up to an hour with Leap.

“With Clio, client onboarding is so straightforward I can actually take on more clients.”

Transforming Collective Law’s Operations

Collective Law’s experience highlights how Clio surpasses Leap in terms of ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional customer service for seamless and successful law firm management. For Sana, Clio is more than just legal technology, it is a fundamental part of her business.

“Clio has become such a huge part of my business; I can’t imagine not having it. If I took Clio out of Collective Law, it wouldn’t be Collective Law anymore – it’s as simple as that.”

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