From Clunky to Clio: Pitch Law’s 25% Efficiency Boost with Clio’s Painless Software Solution

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Pitch Law

  • 2021

    Year Founded
  • 2-5

    Number of Staff
  • 2023

    Started Using Clio
  • Belgium

  • Mixed

    Fee Types
  • IP

    IT Technology

    Practice Areas

As a tech-forward law firm, Pitch Law prioritises innovation in the entrepreneurial clients and companies they work with and in their law firm workflows. So, when the Belgian firm doubled in size from two to four people this year, it was the ideal time for Avocat Bart Lieben to implement the right legal practice management software to support its growth.

With Clio Manage, Pitch Law found an affordable, easy-to-use, and centralised practice management solution. In fact, in just three months, Bart and the team have seen tremendous efficiency gains—boosting their operational efficiencies by 25%.

“With Clio, we can have something which is nicely integrated. That’s the key thing.”

How Clio makes work easier and more efficient for Pitch Law

Law firms today require efficient systems to work effectively. Still, they also want to avoid dealing with complex or expensive legal software. Clio has been the perfect partner for Pitch Law, a growing Belgian firm, at the right time. With Clio Manage’s affordable law practice management software, the firm has reduced workflow inefficiencies easily and quickly.

In just a few months, Bart and the Pitch Law team have successfully replaced their old, clunky systems with Clio’s easy-to-use, centralised, and “law firm in a box” system. This has allowed them to have more time to work on client cases.

“We were looking for a solution where everything is centralised and time-tracked, and that was simple to use. Clio is simple to use.”

Clio’s centralised system supports the firm as it grows

Bart, the owner of Pitch Law, realised that dealing with outdated or inefficient systems was not feasible for the growth and innovation of his law firm. With the recent addition of two new hires, he felt the need for a centralised system to provide easy access to all the necessary resources for the entire team.

Bart wanted to avoid a situation where vital information was inaccessible because someone was on vacation or a business trip. Therefore, he decided to look for a centralised repository where somebody could easily find all the emails, documents, and other law firm resources.

“Making sure that everything is more or less in one place so that we do not have emails in email boxes with individuals, but that they’re all centralised, is important.”

Integrations and features unlock new efficiencies with Clio

Pitch Law, which had previously used other systems to help with certain firm tasks, found that those systems didn’t work together in the ways the firm needed to be truly efficient. For instance, they used Harvest for invoicing and time tracking but lacked document management capabilities.

However, using Clio Manage, Pitch Law can benefit from many features in one centralised location. These features include document management capabilities, email management, and accurate time tracking. With Clio Manage, Pitch Law can easily manage their documents, file emails, and keep track of their time.

Moreover, Clio’s selection of more than 100 integrations gives the firm opportunities for future growth. According to Bart, Clio is the only software that provides the possibility of integrating for a reasonable price. He is looking forward to integrating some of their systems with their APIs with Clio.

“We tested a few other systems, like Harvest, but what I liked the most about Clio is the ability to integrate with other solutions. It’s not a closed system that you have with others.”

A 25% improvement in efficiency with Clio

Pitch Law has seen significant progress in firm efficiency since adopting Clio a few months ago. According to Bart, the administrative tasks have become more manageable, and everything is now structured in one place.

This has resulted in a 25% improvement in efficiency, as they spend less time on administrative tasks like time recording and document searching.

“We achieve 25% improvement in efficiency by spending less time on administrative tasks,” he says. “Because, of course, you need to record your time. You need to send out bills—But these are not things any lawyer wants to do.”

According to Bart, he likes Clio’s dashboards because they allow him to track things and run reports on efficiency.

“We were looking for a solution that was as painless as possible. With Clio, everybody’s happy.”

Clio’s Outlook integration saves time

Bart has found Clio’s integration with email systems, particularly Outlook, beneficial. This integration allows him to link email threads in Outlook with Clio, making it easy to record time and store documents related to specific matters without switching between systems.

“I can quickly record that I spent 1.25 hours dealing with this matter, and it’s done. I don’t have to navigate to another system, select the matter, and so on.”

“One of the things that I like the most is the Outlook integration with Clio.”

Easy, efficient time tracking saves countless hours

Bart used to waste a lot of time calculating and filling out time sheets in Harvest. He had to check it daily, which was a tedious task.

However, with Clio’s time recording features, Bart can now easily and quickly track his time. In Clio, it’s much simpler to track time. You can estimate how much time you spent and walk through the agenda, showing how much time you tracked on a particular day.

“We gain 7% efficiency on our time tracking. Even the smallest increases make a difference when running a law firm you don’t want to spend your time on painful administrative tasks”

With Clio, Pitch Law can be an efficient, cohesive firm

Bart and the growing Pitch Law team have noticed significant efficiency gains after only a few months of using Clio. Bart is already seeing efficiency improvements and how the firm can operate more effectively.

“Everybody’s contributing. Everybody’s trying to reel clients in, and everybody’s trying to do a good job for them.”

“For us, Clio does the trick.”

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