Empowering Growth, Collaboration, & GDPR Compliance: Clio Modernises Law Firm Operations for Infuero

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  • 2022

    Year Founded
  • 5-10

    Number of Staff
  • 2023

    Started Using Clio
  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Fixed fee

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  • Litigation

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Why Clio is the modern software solution for Luxembourg law firms

Claude Englebert, the founder of Infuero, a Luxembourg law firm, understands the importance of embracing modern technology to gain and maintain a competitive edge. In 2023, he discovered Clio Manage, a legal case management solution that surpassed his expectations and provided his firm with the tools to collaborate, grow, and work more efficiently.

“I have used many legal case management software in Belgium, but none compares to Clio.”

Clio ticks the boxes for Luxembourg firms 

Infuero prides itself on being an innovative and modern law firm, offering business law and litigation services to its clients. However, traditional software options available in Luxembourg, Belgium and France failed to meet the firm’s dynamic requirements. Seeking a solution that was adaptable, innovative, and affordable.

“Clio ticked two main boxes. One, it’s a very good product; a lot better than what I’ve seen in the industry so far. And two, that clio’s help in compliance goes way beyond GDPR.”

Run a modern law firm with Clio

One of the major advantages of Clio is its 100% cloud-based nature, eliminating the need for installations and expensive hardware updates. This cloud-based, synchronisable, and secure software allows Infuero to access its data from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience. In contrast, other software options in Luxembourg felt outdated and tedious to use.

“Other software isn’t from the dinosaur era, it is from before the dinosaur era!”

“Clio is fully cloud-based. So whether you use a PC or a Mac, it works.”

Work from home, the office, or the coffee shop with Clio

Whether meeting with clients or working from home, Clio’s mobile app ensures that you can access case details, client communications, documents, bills and calendars directly from your phone, capture billable time on the spot and track every euro.

Whether you’re heading to court, in transit, working from home or grabbing a latte, Clio provides Claude and his team with the flexibility to work from anywhere, with confidence.

“Having the Clio app on my mobile is very convenient when on the go and in court.”

Clio customisation makes workflows easy 

For Claude, the ability to adapt software to make it a custom-fit for his firm is a game-changer—yet the potential legal software solutions he found didn’t offer many customisation options. Clio Manage was the only solution Claude came across for Luxembourg and Belgium law firms that gave them the autonomy to customise fields to improve efficiency. 

At Infuero, Claude has already added many custom fields to quickly and easily customise things like company contacts and matters.

“We love that Clio is very customisable. It allows us to be innovative.”

Run a secure and compliant firm 

Security is a key part of being a modern law software solution. Clio recognises this and supports firms with industry-leading security features and protocols—like automatic backups, two-factor authentication, and a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee—to help set the software apart.

And, because Infuero specialises in GDPR, software that can helps the firm with it’s regulatory compliance requirements is essential. 

“We needed a company that could help us comply with GDPR and ensure that our data is stored within Europe. Clio has that and more. The product itself is amazing and it has exceeded our expectations.”

Create a legal document within 10 minutes 

Infuero has already experienced significant time savings since implementing Clio. Creating matters now takes 15% less time, and document generation has become a breeze. With Clio’s custom matter fields, Claude can create formal notices in less than 10 minutes, a task that would have been unimaginable with other software.

“The document generation is just awesome. Clio adapts to our needs.”

Don’t try everything on the market, just try Clio 

While Claude already has plans to integrate more and more Clio features into the firm’s workflows, the results the firm has seen already speak for themselves. 

The cloud-based software enhances efficiency, allowing the team to work from any location. T. By embracing Clio’s modern approach, Infuero gains a competitive advantage over firms stuck with outdated solutions.

Clio has proven to be the ideal software solution for modern Belgian law firms. By embracing Clio, Infuero has gained a competitive edge, enabling growth, and exceptional service delivery to its legal clients.

“I’ve tried everything that is on the market. Nothing is as usable, smooth, or easy to install. Unfortunately, many firms in Luxembourg are still unsure about which software to use. I say use Clio!”

Clio is the Modern Choice for Law Firms

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