20+ Additional Billable Hours per Month with Clio

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Peter Hale, The AP Partnership

The AP Partnership

  • 1986

    Year Founded
  • 9

    Number of Staff
  • 2022

    Started Using Clio
  • Peterborough, UK

  • Fixed fee


    Fee Types
  • Employment Law

    Practice Areas

The AP Partnership is a specialist employment law consultancy based in Peterborough. While the firm has been established for almost 40 years, the firm needed to implement a scalable case management solution that could grow as the firm does.

Additionally, one of the firm’s fee earners, Peter Hale, an employment law consultant, was spending a lot of time on routine administrative tasks. Using Clio to manage his workload, he’s been able to free up five to six hours per week—20 or more hours each month—to dedicate to fee-earning work. It’s a productivity solution that has been easy to adopt and offers everything a fee-earner, like Peter, needs.

“Everything about Clio is helpful and user-friendly.

The automated billing functions, the self-aggregating timesheet, the reporting, and the ability to file phone logs and a matter’s correspondence straight from Outlook to Clio: It all just works.”

Increase firm profitability and productivity with Clio

When considering legal software, Peter knew he needed a legal software solution that could manage all parts of his client pipeline and help him to manage all parts of cases and matters.

Having discovered Clio through barrister Daniel Barnett’s podcast, Peter found that Clio provided exactly what he needed, making common tasks simpler and more automated.

“I needed legal software that could handle everything from end to end—saving me time and costs on administration. Then I heard about Clio.”


1. Rely on Clio, not spreadsheets

Before implementing Clio, Peter relied on several systems to manage his cases and get matters up and running, including Excel spreadsheets, Word, and Adobe PDF. He wanted a system that would reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing him to focus on billable tasks.

“I don’t need to use any other software to manage my matters—I just use Clio.”

2. More time to increase revenue

Clio has allowed Peter and the firm to drastically reduce the time needed to manage basic but vital details. While previously Peter used to “consistently get bogged down for hours working away in various Microsoft applications,” with Clio, Peter has been able to automate non-billable tasks, giving him five hours back per week of billable time.

“On average, I’m saving around five to six hours per week just on case management. It’s freed me up to spend more time with my substantial client list and to concentrate on more productive matters.”

3. Software that is easy to use

While many law firms might worry about adopting new technology, particularly when it comes to staff training, Clio is designed to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and straightforward to adopt. As Peter explains, “you don’t have to have an undergraduate degree in computer programming to make the most out of Clio.”

For those who may need additional support, Peter found that Clio was the only legal software he could find that offers 24/5 customer support by phone, email, and chat, and also offers a range of training resources for customers. Peter was guided through onboarding sessions to achieve his firm’s goals by Clio’s onboarding team.

“Clio is incredibly intuitive. I’m no particular tech genius, but it took me just two days to get completely comfortable using it.”

4. Simplify your billing with Clio

When it comes to billing and reconciliation (and for billing of all types, including hourly, fixed fee, civil rate, or any fee structure) Clio is a massive timesaver. Using the built-in time recording functionality allows Peter to easily track how much time he’s spent on any matter. Then, when the time comes to produce a bill, with the click of a few buttons, the time recorded is instantly and accurately added to the bill—making reconciliation simple.

Clients having the ability to see exactly what the firm has been working on, on their behalf is a feature the firm and its clients love.

Additionally, Clio’s reporting capabilities make it simple to get a top-level view of all fees earned and time billed in any given period. While Peter used to manually produce billing reports for the firm’s directors, breaking down billing amounts per client, with Clio, Peter creates these reports at the click of a button.

“The process of billing and creating a billing report takes nanoseconds. Clio creates easy-to-read billing reports that I can deliver in a format that people are accustomed to.”

5. Join Clio with ease

For any law firm, choosing new legal software takes time and research. While some legal software providers favour upfront, long-term contracts, and non-transparent pricing, Peter found that Clio’s sales team were transparent and helpful through the whole process.

In a tailored walkthrough, Peter discussed the firm’s needs and goals and what he needed from Clio to implement a scalable legal software. After seeing Clio in a live walkthough, he knew it was exactly what the firm needed and recommended Clio to the firm’s partners the very next day.

“The sales team were incredibly transparent and really knew their stuff. They had confidence in the product, could explain precisely how every feature worked, and were upfront about costs. Throughout, I felt listened to and the conversation was geared to exactly what I needed.”

6. No contracts; only flexibility

In addition to a transparent sales process, Peter was also attracted by Clio’s flexible approach to contracts. The annual and month-to-month options available gave The AP Partnership the confidence it needed to sign on the dotted line.

The firm had the assurance it could cancel at any time, should Clio not suit its needs or if the firm’s needs changed, and it would not be stuck paying for a lengthy contract.

“Being able to choose a month-by-month contract was important to us and made Clio very attractive as a legal software provider.”

Clio is the legal software to use

After a close to 20-year career in employment law, Peter says Clio is by far the easiest tool he’s ever adopted and one that allows firms to start working more efficiently and profitably immediately. It has boosted his own and the firm’s performance, productivity, and client satisfaction and freed up valuable hours each month.

“Clio has been everything I needed. I wanted a system that I could pick up and use quickly, one that helped to produce results, to bill accurately and on time, and one that would ensure compliance. Clio offers the full spectrum of features I needed and has undoubtedly been the easiest system to use and assimilate to that I’ve ever worked with.”

See how Clio could empower your firm

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