How Clayden Law onboards clients 75% faster with Clio Grow

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Clayden Law

Clayden Law

  • 2010

    Year Founded
  • 5-10

    Number of Staff
  • 2018

    Started Using Clio
  • Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

  • Mixed

    Fee Types
  • IT Technology

    Practice Areas

How Clayden Law onboards clients 75% faster with Clio Grow

Clayden Law, a technology law firm, had been operating in Oxfordshire for over a decade. Piers Clayden, the firm’s founder, had shouldered the responsibility of managing client onboarding and business development single-handedly. However, his processes were described as “sporadic and clunky,” taking a toll on the firm’s efficiency.

Piers needed more visibility into the firm’s pipeline. Before Clio Grow, Piers performed sporadic searches through his email inbox to stay on top of prospective clients, relying on memory alone to follow up. This time-consuming approach cost the firm valuable resources and created unnecessary stress.

The firm’s onboarding process needed standardisation even when clients came on board. Piers found himself juggling back-and-forth communications to gather essential information like ID forms and manually entering this data into the CRM system. The result was a disjointed and manual onboarding process that needed more efficiency.

Recognising the need for change, Clayden Law turned to Clio Grow, a client intake and onboarding solution. 

“Clio Grow has completely streamlined lead generation and pipeline management. It’s revolutionised our firm’s onboarding process.”

Why Clayden Law Chose Clio Grow

Clayden Law had long relied on Clio Manage for daily operations, including document and matter management, billing, calendaring, and more. It was the firm’s central nervous system, handling essential functions. However, Piers was unaware of other Clio products’ potential to transform their practices, particularly client onboarding.

The turning point came when Piers attended a Clio webinar on client onboarding best practices. There, he discovered Clio Grow, Clio’s intake and onboarding solution.

Clayden Law had used Clio Manage, Clio’s practice management solution for years.

“By integrating Clio Manage with Clio Grow, we could build smoother intake workflows, convert more prospects, and save time, stress, and money. It was a no-brainer.”

Seamless Integration Between Clio Grow and Clio Manage

Clio Manage and Clio Grow merged seamlessly, creating a unified platform that offered end-to-end visibility and eliminated the headache of manual data syncing across sales, onboarding, and billing. Clayden Law’s contact data flowed effortlessly from Grow’s CRM into Manage without Piers lifting a finger.

Clio Grow is remarkably user-friendly and intuitive, enabling the team to get up and running instantly without exhaustive training sessions or ongoing support. The result? Clayden Law saved hours each month on client intake. They established a standardised, reliable process for onboarding clients and launching new projects, significantly reducing administrative work.

Client onboarding became effortless, allowing the firm to focus on what truly mattered: the legal work itself. The outcomes were evident—a happier staff, more satisfied clients, and a smoother workflow.

“The handover from Grow to Manage was seamless. It couldn’t have been easier.”

Onboard within minutes, not hours with Clio Grow

Clio Grow’s intake forms were the game-changer Clayden Law needed. Piers could now collect all essential information, including documents like ID forms and KYC data, from prospective clients in a standardised digital format.

Piers uses Clio Grow’s pipeline view to digitally track leads as they progress toward becoming clients, providing much-needed visibility into the onboarding process. Checklists and reminders kept communications organised and timely during the sales process.

The result? Piers could set up a client within just 30 minutes – 75% quicker – a vast improvement from the time-consuming, manual, and stressful intake process that was in place before implementing Clio Grow.

“Onboarding used to take a couple of hours per client. Now, it requires almost no manual effort.”

Clio Grow Optimises Marketing Spend

Clio Grow’s robust reporting capabilities allowed Piers to gather critical data on lead volume, conversion rates, referral performance, and more. This data provided vital insights, enabling Clayden Law to focus its business development efforts on proven channels.  Clayden Law could see which sources drove referrals quickly, allowing them to allocate their budget wisely and avoid wasted spending.

“Clio Grow gives us an at-a-glance view of our referral sources. This allows us to allocate our budget towards sources delivering results and avoiding wasted spending.”

Creating an Efficient, Interconnected Firm

Clio Grow’s standardised workflows transformed Clayden Law’s business development efforts. Piers utilised Clio Grow’s integration with HelloSign to send clients engagement letters and other essential documents for fast eSignature turnaround, significantly speeding up the process and improving client satisfaction rates.

Signed engagement letters and other documents were automatically stored in the client’s profile in Clio Grow, creating a complete and synchronised record in Clio Manage.

Looking ahead, Piers is excited about how Clio Grow and Manage can further enhance their operational efficiencies.

“By connecting Clio Grow to our website WordPress plug-in, everything syncs up with Clio Manage which helps us create a slick operation.”

Ready to Transform Your Client Intake Process?

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