Advoro’s Clio-Powered Success: A Blueprint for Swiss Law Firms

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  • 2023

    Year Founded
  • 11-50

    Number of Staff
  • 2023

    Started Using Clio
  • Zürich, Switzerland

  • Fixed fee


    Fee Types
  • Criminal Law

    Mergers and Acquisitions and Venture Capital

    Practice Areas

When Boris Räber and his colleagues established their law firm, Advoro, in January of 2023, they were determined to find a software solution that could drive efficiency and truly support their team. After years of frustration with complex, outdated, and limiting software options, they found the answer in Clio Manage, an intuitive, easy-to-use law practice management software.

“I was looking for modern technology. I tried out a bunch of things. I signed up for a few and looked at some of the more prominent competitors, both in local and international solutions. I liked Clio best.”

Why Clio is the right solution for a 21st-century Swiss law firm

Since adopting Clio, Advoro has experienced significant improvements in firm productivity and efficiency. Here are five key reasons why Clio is the right solution for a modern law firm:

1. Trading ‘Dinosaur’ Systems for a Modern, Intuitive Solution

Boris and his team had previously used software options like Vertec and Neo but found them to be outdated and complex. They sought a cloud-based software that could deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience, and Clio fit the bill perfectly. The staff found it easy to adjust to Clio, and its intuitive setup was popular with staff.

“The staff didn’t have issues adjusting to Clio. The setup is very clear and intuitive to use.”

2. Be a Lawyer with Clio, not an IT expert

By integrating documentation and invoicing, Clio empowers the firm to run efficiently, streamlining processes and saving everyone time. “We save a lot of time with Clio.”

The previously used software solution was unstable, and the team suffered from connectivity issues, especially when travelling. This is not the case with Clio.

“Our staff are excited about not facing all the IT issues and stability issues we had before.”

“We all work from multiple locations; everybody is on the road. Clio ties our documentation and invoicing together in one common spot. Which is what we needed.”

3. Nail Your 9-to-Five on the Cloud

Advoro previously relied on a physical server, which hindered productivity and caused staff issues while working from home. With Clio’s cloud-based software, these barriers have been removed, allowing the team to work remotely stress-free from anywhere.

“The previous system was running on the physical server, and we had issues with our IT support firm, so it took people eternities to connect to the system, and performance was super slow,” Boris explains. “With Clio, we’ve become much faster.”

Clio’s mobile app further enhances productivity on the go, providing a smooth and secure experience.

“We like the mobile app. It is something not all of the competitors have, and those who do, don’t have an app which works as smoothly as Clio.”

“Clio’s cloud software allows us to work from where we are, which is important. The around-the-globe availability is certainly one of the reasons why we chose Clio.”

4. Master firm performance the easy way

Clio provides Advoro’s partners with law firm performance metrics, allowing them to stay current with the firm’s operational insights. With just a click, they can see how much the firm has charged in any period and track the activities of other team members. The timeline feature in Clio provides a clear overview of who did what and when making it easy to manage matters and invoicing.

“With Clio, you get a great overview of everything. You know where you stand. It takes only a click to see how much you’ve charged in any period.”

5. Upgrade to Modern, Premium Legal Software:

Clio’s intuitive user experience, innovative features, and modern technology make it stand out among local competitors and other products in the Swiss market. Boris describes Clio as the “Apple” of law firm management software, highlighting its contrast to outdated solutions still prevalent in Switzerland.

“Clio is the ‘Apple’ of law firm management software, standing in stark contrast to other solutions available in the Swiss market, which are still in the dinosaur age.”

A lasting, ongoing positive impact

Since adopting Clio, Advoro has experienced positive improvements in productivity and overall satisfaction. Clio’s intuitive user experience, streamlined processes, cloud-based system, performance metrics, and modern features have significantly enhanced efficiency and productivity at the firm. Going forward, Advoro plans to continue using Clio to support their goals as a modern, 21st-century law firm.

“Clio is intuitive to use, staff are happy and don’t have to stress about IT issues. Thanks to Clio, we’ve significantly enhanced efficiency and productivity in our firm.”

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