“The Customer is King”: How The Daswani Law Co uses Clio to create an effortless client experience

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The Daswani Law Co (DLC)

  • 2019

    Year Founded
  • 3

    Number of Staff
  • 2019

    Started Using Clio
  • London, UK

  • Fixed fee


    Fee Types
  • Commercial Law

    Data protection

    Intellectual Property Law (IP Law)

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Creating an exceptional legal client experience is something that’s paramount to Geeta Daswani, founder of The Daswani Law Co. (The DLC). She’s driven by a desire to serve her clients in a way that improves their lives and their businesses, a passion that saw her awarded The 2022 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service.

Geeta turned to Clio for her practice management needs, right from the moment she started her firm, to help her meet those client needs, a decision she is happy with every day.

Geeta says:

“I can’t imagine my firm running without Clio. I use all of the features from matter creation to conclusion and there are lots of integrations that mean I can use Clio throughout the progress of my client matters.”

With a team of just three people (with Geeta as the principal solicitor), and a busy firm that supports business of all kinds, particularly start-up businesses and those with an ethical mission, time and accuracy is of the essence for The DLC.

Below, Geeta outlines some of the top Clio features she uses to ensure her clients’ needs are met to a five-star standard and that her small firm runs like clockwork.


Software that’s like having an extra staff member…

For The DLC, Clio has all but become the fourth staff member in the practice. The legal software Clio acts as the operating platform for The Daswani Law Co. Everything they do—from scheduling an initial consultation to reviewing documents, to invoicing—takes place within the platform. There are no siloes or disparate documents spread here, there, and everywhere. By using Clio to handle all its firm’s activities, The DLC stays organised and efficient. 

In addition, Geeta says Clio is simple to use and utilise. 

“The fact that I can successfully operate and use all its features and functionality means that it really is easy software to navigate! It increases efficiency and reduces duplication of work.

“With Clio, we save time and dedicate our time and energy to our clients, which makes the whole experience seamless for our clients and more enjoyable for us as well.”

Client onboarding made simpler

The DLC’s clients come to the firm for support with their business and commercial needs. From their first contact with the firm, Geeta makes sure to outline exactly what their needs are and takes her time to ensure that they understand the legal process they are entering, with education and consistent support along the way.

When they are ready to come on board as clients, Geeta turns to Clio to complete their agreement process.

“Sending documents for e-signatures in Clio is very quick. I use Clio templates on DocuSign so that once I have my letter of engagement ready, it’s just a matter of using that template and sending it. With the click of a button, the document is ready for the client to sign. After they read the document, it takes about five seconds for the client to send it over to us.”

Geeta then enters her clients into Clio Manage’s matter and contact details to keep everything organised. To keep clients updated on their cases, the firm uses the secure legal client portal, Clio for Clients.

“The client portal is a great feature for clients to see the progress of their matters and be able to access their documents,” Geeta says. “There’s no need for to-and-fro emails. Once documents are uploaded and clients have the password, they can see the life stages of their matters.”

The security both the portal and Clio overall provides is a big benefit to Geeta, also:

“I needed a case management software. As a start-up law firm, I wanted something that was cloud-based. Clio helps us keep information safe and secure because it’s cloud-based.”

The effects of these efforts and how Clio helps Geeta and The DLC to organise communications and keep clients informed is reflected in the positive engagement she sees from her clients.

“To me, excellent client service is knowing that our customers don’t think twice about picking up the phone or emailing us. It might be the smallest thing that they have a question about, but the fact that they feel comfortable getting in touch for us to address that query speaks volumes.”

Transparent, easy legal billing

Providing an exceptional client experience doesn’t end after intake and onboarding for The DLC. When it comes to billing and legal invoicing, the firm’s client-centric approach is evident and once more made possible with Clio. 

The firm strives to provide a clear fee structure to their clients upfront—in addition to explaining the fees and what they cover upon intake, Geeta and her team make sure to reinforce that everywhere they can in the name of client support. 

“Transparency is key for us, which is why we have our pricing menu on our website. Our clients know what we expect in terms of the fee structure so that they can budget for it. We do offer payment plans as well.”

This is where their use of Clio helps The DLC to shine. Clio’s time recording software and accounting integrations ensure the firm can accurately and expediently prepare and issue invoices.

“[Clio’s] time recording is one of my most used features, With it, I can be sure that I am not overcharging clients.

“Another feature I couldn’t live without is invoicing through Clio. I do my own bookkeeping and, I use Xero as my bookkeeping software. Raising invoices in Clio is easy as it automatically reflects in Xero, meaning there’s no duplication of work.”

Legal software that gives you the tools to grow

In addition to using the Clio-Xero integration for bookkeeping, Geeta and her team take full advantage of many of the other tools and integrations Clio offers (including Dropbox, Gmail, and more) to better run her firm. 

As her firm operations grow, and as Clio continues to add to and enhance its legal software, there are more tools always readily available to assist The DLC.

“The great thing about Clio is that there is always a new development or new features being introduced,” Geeta says. 

Consequently, in addition to helping The DLC meet its clients’ needs so it can deliver exceptional client service, using Clio as a platform is helping this nascent law firm to keep building upon its success. 

“Clio helps streamline processes so that we operate in a more time-efficient manner, which helps us focus more on business development and billable work. Clio has helped keep me focused on revenue-generating work.”

Combining award-winning customer care, steady revenue growth, and practice management software that makes it all easier means the future is bright for Geeta Daswani, The DLC, and the firm’s clients.

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