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Law Firm Billing: 5 Steps for How to Accept Card Payments

By offering clients the flexibility and convenience of paying with a debit or credit card, your firm will enjoy multiple benefits.

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illustration of a credit card opening the door to more customers for law firms

Your Legal Clients Want the Option of Debit and Credit Credit Card Payments—How Your Firm Can Do So

Technology is changing how people pay for things, and your legal clients have become accustomed to the ease that credit cards offer.

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How to Avoid Hidden Transaction and Debit and Credit Card Processing Fees

Understanding law firm payment processing and debit and credit card processing fees is crucial when deciding to accept online payments.

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How to Choose a Law Firm Credit Card Processing and Debit Card Processing Provider

Debit and credit card payments are convenient for clients, and they’re easy to set up and track, meaning that firms who accept them provide…

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12 Essential Questions to Ask a Legal Software Provider

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How to Create a Winning Law Firm Website

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Illustration highlighting how to create a law firm website. A cartoon image of a man and woman appears as if on a computer monitor. The woman is holding a picture of the scales of justice.