From Small Investments to Big Gains: An Emirati Law Firm’s Journey with Clio

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EMEA CS Landing Page Header Bin Sevans Dubai

Bin Sevan Advocates and Legal Consultancy

  • 2011

    Year Founded
  • 25

    Number of Staff
  • 2018

    Started Using Clio
  • Dubai - United Arab Emirates

  • Mixed

    Fee Types
  • Family Law

    Practice Areas

Dubai’s Bin Sevan Advocates & Legal Consultants is a leading full-service law firm. “We are what we call in the UAE a legal consultancy and advocacy firm. It’s like having solicitors and barristers under one roof,” explains Partner Madeleine Mendy.

As the head of the family law department and the only non-Arabic-speaking lawyer in the firm, Madeleine has witnessed a remarkable transformation in her department’s operations. With the adoption of modern technology, particularly Clio Manage, Clio’s premium case management software, she has been able to meet regulatory obligations more effectively and achieve significant financial success.

“Though I live and work in the United Arab Emirates, I am regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England, so I need to be able to do case management, and Clio enables me to perform conflict checks perfectly.”

How Clio’s premium case management system drives success

Why was Clio the right solution for family law at Bin Sevan? 

Madeleine wanted a sophisticated, comprehensive, and time-saving system. And—having used versions of case management solutions ever since first training as a solicitor—she was already familiar with the benefits of case management systems like Clio. 

With this in mind, the team implemented Clio’s leading cloud-based case management system to streamline operations. Using Clio, Madeleine’s department works more efficiently and saves time while also conducting essential family law tasks.

“Using Clio makes file location, handover files, and conflict checks easier.”

Software Emirati law firms can’t function without

As a modern, tech-forward solution, Clio provides a centralised system with all case-related information in one place.

The system’s efficiency enhancements lead to more streamlined workflows, making it easier for Madeleine and her assistant to manage data better and focus more on client work.

“Clio helps the firm be modern because everything is at your fingertips. When I first started, we used to record time on paper. With Clio, you can do it on your phone, on the go.”

“We wouldn’t be able to function without it. It’s not just storage and recording calls. It’s also data management.”

Conflict check features to ensure compliance and avoid ethical breaches

Clio’s conflict check features have also proven valuable to Madeleine by helping to ensure compliance and avoid ethical breaches.

Without Clio, the manual process of conflict-checking was arduous and time-consuming. With Clio, Madeleine can pull out a client’s name quickly. Clio helps you remember your clients, which is particularly useful when working with divorces.

“Before, when I had to do my conflict check, I’d go into my emails; then I would have to check on my phone because some clients still try to communicate with you via telephone. I’d have to go to different places to be able to do a conflict check.”

With Clio, Madeleine can pull out a client’s name quickly. Clio helps you remember your clients, which is particularly useful when working with divorces.

“With Clio, I can go in and pull out the client’s name in a second while they’re calling me. It’s useful in terms of having access to documents fast.”

Clio’s billing workflows save days of work each month

Clio’s automated billing features save Madeleine and her assistant tremendous time each month.

Madeleine says the time savings from using Clio for invoicing are “easily two days, because before we used to do manual invoicing, and that was taking forever.”

Clio also reduces stress during the invoice process and gives Madeleine greater overall capacity.

“It’s amazing that Clio helps our invoicing workflows so much, as lawyers we know billing is stressful because it’s not just the time, it’s the capacity. Before Clio, my invoicing used to delay me every month in my work.”

Make your department financially successful with Clio

Madeleine attributes Clio as part of the foundation of her department’s success.

Specifically, Clio’s dashboards and reporting tools help Madeleine set monthly and yearly targets and track productivity.

“I’m able to set a target at the end of each year, and because of Clio, I can say, ‘We need to bill three or four hours a day to reach our monthly target.’

This allows Madeleine to work more effectively with her team to achieve their goals. “Since I’ve built it in at the beginning of the year to see what I need to earn, I can then relay it to the team to say: ‘Right, this is our target for the month.’”

“All firms that work with targets and units need Clio as their case management system.”

Clio is a ‘game-changer’ for modern Emirati law firms

Madeleine attests that Clio has been a game-changer for her department at Bin Sevan, positively impacting her billing workflows, conflict checks, and overall productivity.

Considering this, Madeleine shares her advice for Emirati law firms considering adopting Clio’s modern legal software.

“Go for it because it’s a small investment compared to the return you’re getting.”

“I never looked back once I signed up with Clio, and we can’t do without it. It would be like going back to the Dark Ages.”

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