Delivering a large firm-like experience as a solo lawyer

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Neo Percept IP

  • 2021

    Year Founded
  • Solo

    Number of Staff
  • 2021

    Started Using Clio
  • North East Hampshire, Alton, United Kingdom

  • Fixed fee

    Fee Types
  • Intellectual Property Law (IP Law)

    Practice Areas

Stephanie, a solo trademark lawyer based in London, wants to provide the ultimate large law firm experience. However, as a solo lawyer, juggling clients’ cases with the administrative side of growing her firm was proving tricky. Until she implemented Clio. 

Clio provides Stephanie with the support she had when working for larger firms. Clio enables her to convert more clients with less effort, deliver a stress-free intake and onboarding experience, and eliminate financial worries. 

“Having previously worked for large firms, I’m used to having a network of support staff on hand to help me. But I never could have imagined that Clio would give me this same level of support now that I’m a solo lawyer. From marketing to onboarding, to managing my finances—Clio does it all.”

Why Neo Percept IP chose Clio Grow

Stephanie needed a cloud-based practice management system that was affordable, easy to use, and supported the client’s journey from beginning to end. That’s why she picked Clio. 

Clio’s intake and onboarding solution, Clio Grow allowed Stephanie to maintain a high level of organisation over all of Neo Percept IP’s clients while converting more clients at ease. 

“Clio is incredibly intuitive. I couldn’t believe how straightforward it was to get started with both Clio Grow and Clio Manage.”

1. Your pipeline’s lifeline to success

As a solo lawyer, Stephanie doesn’t have time to manually track every potential client, log client details in a spreadsheet, and monitor their journey from first contact to becoming a paying client. 

By using Clio Grow’s Pipeline dashboard feature, Stephanie can easily monitor each potential prospect and client’s case journey. She can see and progress all her cases accordingly while making sure that every case receives the same level of care and attention. 

Before using Clio Grow, Stephanie used manual spreadsheets to track all case intake and had a 10% conversion rate. After adopting Clio Grow and improving her intake workflows, Stephanie’s conversion rates skyrocketed to 40%. 

“The pipeline is a game changer. It keeps you organised, allows you to see how much potential money you’ve got coming, and helps you better plan how you’re going to convert prospects. It’s increased our conversion rates by 30% and boosted our revenue in the process.”

2. Control your marketing spend

Stephanie uses Clio Grow to create detailed marketing reports. It’s vital that she as the business owner can see where her potential clients are coming from, their conversion rates, and the return on investment from each marketing strategy. 

“Clio Grow’s CRM lets us track our marketing performance in detail and ensures we spend our budget wisely. It’s been an absolute game-changer for our marketing.”

This is crucial for solo firms looking to scale that can’t afford to waste a single penny of their budget. Stephanie then uses Clio Grow reports to optimising her marketing approach, ensuring she only invests in proven channels.

“Having insight into your marketing spend is just so important. While many law firms have a practice management system, they don’t have a necessarily something like Clio Grow to track where their leads are coming from.”

3. Professional Client Journeys with Clio

Neo Percept IP uses both Clio Grow and Clio Manage to deliver a smooth end-to-end client onboarding and intake process. 

With Clio Scheduler enabled on Neo Percept IP’s website, clients can book online consultations directly with Stephanie, creating an effortless client experience. All client details automatically sync instantly into Clio Grow and then into Manage at the click of a button. This means Stephanie wastes no time with manual or duplicate data entry, and she can immediately get to work on her clients’ cases. 

“Clio Grow and Clio Manage’s seamless integration means we can deliver a smooth end-to-end client intake process with virtually zero manual effort. Without Clio, I wouldn’t be as organised, we wouldn’t have as many clients, and revenue would be down. I just wouldn’t look professional.”

4. Painless Billing workflows

Clio’s billing workflows have strengthened Neo Percept IP’s financial management. 

By implementing a steady billing workflow, Neo Percept IP has seen better consistent cash flow, with payments coming in on time—reducing the need to chase large invoices and improving the firm’s overall financial health.

“My financial worries have disappeared since I adopted Clio. I can offer more friendly payment terms to clients, get paid on time, and always see when I’ve got money coming in. This ensures I have a consistent and reliable cash flow.”

5. Let Clio be your law firm 

Stephanie sees Clio as an essential tool to power Neo Percept IP’s future growth and scalability. 

With Clio, all case files and documents are consolidated in one place, making it easy for when new team members to come on board. They’ll simply be able to pick up a case and begin working on it. This will help her firm grow and simplify the onboarding process for new staff or consultants. Most importantly, it will guarantee a smooth, uninterrupted service for all the firm’s clients.

“If I hire a new team member or a consultant, they can instantly access a client’s case file within Clio and get to work without me needing to guide them. Clio will be the key to me scaling my firm in the future.”


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