More than just software—How Clio is a ‘massive time saver’ and support for Fortune Law

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Shainul Kassam Headshot

Fortune Law

  • 2004

    Year Founded
  • 5-10

    Number of Staff
  • 2019

    Started Using Clio
  • London, UK

  • Hourly

    Fee Types
  • Commercial Law


    Employment Law


    Practice Areas

Fortune Law is a boutique and specialist commercial law firm based in London that focuses on supporting founders, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. The company, led by Founder and Managing Director Shainul Kassam, has seen tremendous growth as it approaches its 20th year in business.

Since the firm started using Clio Manage in 2019, Fortune Law has dramatically streamlined its billing processes and improved operational efficiency significantly—all with the help of Clio’s cloud-based software and customer support.

Billing now takes only half an hour compared to a whole day before Clio. Now they can generate bills in minutes, resulting in significant time savings. Additionally, Clio streamlines and automates tasks like onboarding clients, creating documents from templates, and running reports. Overall, Fortune Law has benefited from increased efficiency, organisation, and the ability to take on more clients with Clio.

“I just love Clio. I’m a big fan of Clio—like, a super fan.”

Why Clio was the right choice to support a small law firm like Fortune Law

Before adopting Clio, Shainul faced a dilemma that is all too common for many businesses. Shainul knew that Fortune Law could benefit from using technology solutions, but the options she explored were too pricey for her law firm.

When it came to other software options, Shainul found that “the process was quite salesy, and it was a big expense.”

Fortunately, Shainul discovered Clio, which provided friendly and accessible customer service at the start, giving her confidence in the software. Since then, Clio has played a significant role in Fortune Law, making the firm more efficient and competitive with other firms, all while growing and scaling.

“Clio works and it’s really simple. The team is incredible. It was not complicated.”

Why Fortune Law chose Clio

Before learning about Clio, Shainul found other software options prohibitively expensive for Fortune Law.

As a temporary fix, the firm used multiple “old-school” software systems for assistance with tasks, but it was not efficient.

Shainul later considered other legal practice management software but felt that the solution was too expensive and required extensive change management efforts. The software was extravagant, with hidden migration costs, and Shainul felt like she was paying more for the show than for the service.

“It was all singing and dancing, and I felt like we were paying a lot for the show instead of the service. And also I felt that there were costs for migration—there were hidden costs.”

The convenience of being able to work remotely

The ability to work remotely—easily and securely—was a valuable Clio feature for Shainul and her team.

In the past, Shainul had experienced other software solutions that technically allowed you to log in from home, but that were not truly practical for remote work.

With Clio, Shainul and her team can take advantage of Clio’s cloud-based software to work comfortably from home when they need to. This gives them the flexibility to easily get their work done whenever and wherever they need to.

“My staff love Clio, everyone can just plug in and get to work because it’s all there”

Customer service that won’t leave you “hanging”

As a busy small business, Shainul and her team don’t have time to wait days for an answer from a software’s customer service. When they need assistance, they need it promptly. Fortunately, this is an area where Clio excels for Shainul, who now classifies herself as a Clio “super fan.”

“With Clio, the team provides all the training videos. If you want to message them, they’re there. if you want to call them they answer and can show you how to do it.”

“The customer service has always been brilliant. No one has kept me hanging; no one has not been available.”

Change management made simple for law firms

Once Fortune Law decided to adopt Clio, they didn’t hesitate to implement it. “We just went, ‘We’re doing this. We’ve got to get on with it. Let’s go,’” Shainul says.

While she recognises that adopting new software may be more challenging for bigger firms, Shainul also sees the potential downsides of firms’ resistance to beneficial change.

“I think people get stuck not moving because they are concerned about how others will take it. And maybe they have to move department by department, you know. But you just have to bite the bullet.”

“I understand the hesitation: Migrating or changing systems feels daunting. But once you adopt Clio, you will wonder why you waited so long.”

Billing in a fraction of the time

Since adopting Clio, Fortune Law has seen significant efficiency improvements—particularly in its billing process.

“Billing takes half an hour when it used to take a day. Recording money coming in and out is so easy; it gives me peace of mind.”

With the ability to generate bills in mere minutes, Shainul notes that it’s difficult even to try to quantify the incredible time savings her firm now enjoys.

“To quantify the time we have saved from hours into minutes is undeniable. Clio is a massive time saver.”

Beyond the incredible time savings, Clio’s billing features help the firm get paid more quickly. When bills can get sent out faster, it creates a greater urgency for clients to pay.

Shainul also notes that Fortune Law’s streamlined billing process with Clio is also a benefit to clients.

“I’ve never had a single problem.”

“What’s good about Clio is when you send out a New Bill, it will tell the client exactly what’s outstanding. This collects everything together, which is so useful for our firm”

Getting the task done in 5 minutes with Clio

Aside from the massive time savings from using Clio for billing, Shainul notes how Clio streamlines all kinds of tasks at the firm—from onboarding to creating documents from templates to running reports.

“It’s five-minute jobs when it would have taken ages. That’s amazing.”

Specifically, onboarding clients is much easier and faster with Clio.

Before Clio, “it would take days, now we can do it in 10 minutes,”

With Clio, Fortune Law can take on more clients, be more organised, and be more efficient.

“In three years, Clio’s has helped our firm become more organised, and productive allowing us to be lawyers and not IT specialists.”

Clio’s technology gives Fortune Law a competitive advantage

Ultimately, Clio gives Fortune Law the technology they need to stay competitive and thrive as a small law firm. If not for Clio, Shainul suggests that the firm would likely be behind the times.

Instead, Shainul is proud of the level of professionalism that Fortune Law can showcase.

Clio’s systems and procedures give you professional pride.”

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