Driving Innovation in Immigration Law: Edmans & Co.’s Client Growth with Clio, Minimising Workload Burdens

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Brothers David and Emil Manasyan founded the London-based law firm Edmans & Co. with the aim of helping their clients more effectively and differentiating themselves from their competitors. They have succeeded by using advances in legal technology with Clio Manage to help their clients navigate the confusing and sometimes daunting world of UK immigration law.

Changing the practice of immigration law

David and Emil Manasyan, both expatriates, intimately understood the lengthy and challenging process of obtaining the legal right to reside and work in the UK—a journey that often yielded uncertain results. Their personal experiences with the legal system highlighted significant shortcomings within the conventional framework employed by immigration firms, which failed to adequately serve those needing legal aid.

Convinced of the potential for improvement, they envisioned a new model that harnessed the technological advancements prevalent in other industries but notably absent in legal practice. Their goal was to establish a digitally driven law firm, Edmans & Co., committed to delivering an exceptional client experience.

“We aimed to pioneer a law firm with a strong technological foundation, a ‘new age’ approach,” remarked David. Understanding the transformative potential of technology, particularly in streamlining internal processes, Edmans & Co. set out to leverage automation to liberate their nine-person team from mundane administrative tasks. This strategic shift would empower staff to prioritise client-centric initiatives.

The Manasyans integrated technology tailored for legal practitioners to actualise their vision, beginning with cloud-based legal case management software. According to Emil, the choice was clear: Clio was recognised as the preeminent solution for UK solicitors.

“Early on, we recognised the necessity of a robust case management system. For us, Clio emerged as the foremost option, trusted by solicitors across the UK.”

Client data management made simple

Switching to Clio revolutionised client data management for Edmans & Co. For instance, the transition allowed the firm to swiftly access and organise client information, such as visa expiration dates and appeal deadlines, which are crucial in immigration law. This marked improvement in data management, facilitated by Clio’s customisable fields and task lists, has been an invaluable asset for Edmans & Co., a law firm accustomed to navigating tight deadlines and complex cases.

“Every day is a deadline—you may have someone’s visa expiring, an appeal you have to lodge, or a hearing coming up—and to stay on top of those deadlines, you need to make sure all the information is there when you need it.”

With Clio’s customisable fields and task lists, Edmans & Co. efficiently track client data, ensuring that essential information is promptly provided and accounted for. Staff members can seamlessly link related cases and associate contact details of spouses and family members with relevant case files stored in Clio’s unlimited, cloud-based database.

Moreover, Clio’s mobile app’s mobility proves indispensable for on-the-go tasks. Whether using the mobile app or desktop version, multiple team members can collaborate on cases remotely, with real-time updates synced across all platforms. For Edmans & Co., which serves clients both domestically and internationally, this remote accessibility is a game-changer.

David highlights how Clio’s features enhance client interactions across the board: “Clio helped us to connect a lot of loose ends from the initial stages of the client journey through billing.” This streamlined workflow, made possible by Clio’s features such as customisable fields and task lists, enables the firm to dedicate more time to client counselling and fostering superior client experiences, which they view as essential for long-term success.

“Having access to the Clio app allows me to do that. I don’t need to wait until I return to the office; I can do it on the go while the memory is fresh.”

Streamlining processes to assist more individuals

Transitioning to a digital approach in law firm operations posed unique challenges for Edmans & Co. One significant hurdle was the firm’s staff’s reliance on multiple software applications, which could lead to inefficiencies and redundant data entry without proper centralisation. David stressed the importance of seamless integration among all the firm’s tools, a challenge that was successfully addressed with the help of Clio’s extensive App Directory and its ability to facilitate direct syncing with various applications.

Benefiting from Clio’s extensive App Directory, which facilitates direct syncing with various applications, Edmans & Co. successfully integrated its existing software with its new case management system, serving as the central hub for digital workflows.

For instance, Clio’s Zapier integration enabled the firm to streamline client intake by automatically transferring new client information from online intake forms into Clio. This, coupled with over 50 UK-specific partner integrations like Xero for accounting, ensured a smooth transition without disrupting daily operations.

“Migrating to Clio was seamless and straightforward. The system was up and running in a few days, with all our old client information successfully moved to the new system.”

By consolidating their tools under Clio’s umbrella, Edmans & Co. effectively connected existing systems, incorporated new ones, and significantly enhanced operational efficiency. As a result, David notes, the firm could expand its caseload and assist more individuals, a testament to the power of Clio in transforming their operations. 

By prioritising efficiency and avoiding overexertion, David and Emil can dedicate themselves fully to providing exceptional client experiences. This commitment to professionalism has garnered Edmans & Co. numerous awards and recognition as one of the top immigration law firms in the UK, underscoring their dedication to streamlining processes to aid more people.

“With Clio, we can increase our caseload without increasing our workload.”

The future of immigration law 

The future of immigration law at Edmans & Co. is a testament to David and Emil’s forward-thinking vision. They envision their boutique law firm as a beacon of innovation, challenging the notion that businesses must adhere to traditional industry models.

According to David and Emil, Edmans & Co. is a prime example of how law firms can embrace the same technology their clients utilise in everyday life. Their cloud-based, paperless approach to immigration law underscores the transformative potential of digitalisation in solicitor practices.

David and Emil often share anecdotes of former Edmans & Co clients who have ventured into starting their businesses in the UK. They perceive an opportunity to nurture these relationships and expand Edmans & Co.’s scope beyond immigration law to encompass other legal specialities, such as commercial dispute resolution and corporate law. In pursuit of these aspirations, Clio remains an indispensable ally, providing the technological foundation and support necessary for Edmans & Co.’s development and growth.

In pursuit of these aspirations, Clio remains an indispensable ally in fueling Edmans & Co’s development and growth. Notably, it facilitates compliance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and GDPR requirements. For instance, Clio’s robust security features and data protection measures ensure that Edmans & Co. can handle client data in a secure and compliant manner, providing peace of mind to David and Emil.

“Clio has already proven very useful in terms of the SRA Accounts Rules compliance, which can otherwise cause a lot of strain on a smaller law firm.”

Furthermore, Clio’s collaboration with the Law Society of England and Wales further bolsters Edmans & Co’s confidence in its choice of technology partner.

As David and Emil assert, Clio is pivotal to Edmans & Co’s success, serving as a blueprint for other UK firms seeking to redefine the modern law firm landscape.

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