Intellectual Property Law

As an intellectual property lawyer, it’s your responsibility to protect your clients’ rights and obligations when it comes to intellectual capital. Use Clio’s intellectual property law software to keep yourself organized while you’re busy preparing patents and prosecuting.

Stay on top of every task and deadline

Organize every patent, copyright, trademark law, licensing, franchising, and more with Clio’s intellectual property law software.

  • Create task lists for repeatable case work

    Build a series of tasks based on how your law firm often deals with different types of IP law cases. Automatically set task deadlines based on case start dates or previous tasks.

  • Offer flat fees for common jobs

    Easily bill on a flat-rate basis for the preparation of routine documents like non-disclosure and license agreements with Clio’s legal billing software. Track your time as non-billable against specific cases so you can gauge productivity.

  • Stay on top of your deadlines

    Use Clio’s legal calendaring software to create events automatically based on rules and deadlines from hundreds of U.S. courts. Add deadlines from specialized IP docketing software such as Namewarden or Altlegal.

Stay organized even on your busiest days

Get more out of your day and with the tools you’re already using. Do everything in one place with centralized intellectual property law software.

  • See what’s happening at your firm at a glance

    Get an overview of all of your cases from a single dashboard. Link every contact, document, calendar event, note, time entry, and bill to the right case.

  • Add time entries from your inbox

    Use Clio’s email add-ins to log emails, save documents, add contacts, and create time entries. Improve client communications by keeping a running log of all interactions in one place.

  • Integrate with legal research software

    Connect our IP law software to one of our 150+ integrations, including legal research integrations. Attach insights to case profiles, documents, notes, and other case materials.

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