Fill Sets of Court Forms Without Retyping

Remove repetitive steps and cut routine drafting in half using Clio Draft’s cloud-based court forms. Pre-save sets of standard forms and auto-populate data rather than retyping.

Access up-to-date libraries of court forms across all 50-states.
Try built-in eSign to send and receive client signatures securely.
Reuse client and matter details to improve firm efficiency.

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An Easier Way to Complete Court Forms

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    Customize sets of forms

    Add custom fields, auto-shrink text, and pre-save sets of forms in a fraction of time.

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    Skip the data entry

    Eliminate errors arising from manually retyping data and free up time to deliver better value and service to your clients.

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    Save regularly used form sets

    Complete projects faster by auto-populating sets of forms with client and matter information simultaneously.

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    Collect signatures electronically

    Eliminate the tedious back-and-forth of manual signing. Use eSign to collect signs in different formats based on courts’ requirements.

  • Lawyaw All States

    The fastest way to draft court forms

    Clio Draft is the first cloud-based document automation solution to integrate with Clio, allowing firms to fast-track their drafting process and move projects faster.

    Clio users can easily generate court forms with pre-populated data from Clio Manage and reduce the risk of errors. This streamlines the drafting workflow while giving them more time back for high-impact work like growing your firm.

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Clio Draft saves me from having to hire staff. On a weekly basis I’m probably saving 4-5 hours (of attorney time) so we are not searching around trying to find the right form. It saves us 16-20 hours a month.

Christy Granieri
  • With the Clio Draft add-on you can convert your Word docs into dynamic legal templates and populates sets of documents automatically with data from Clio.

    Convert your Microsoft Word documents into fillable, cloud-based templates

    Go beyond standard PDFs and automate your firm’s existing Word documents. 

    • Transform Word documents into dynamic, fillable templates.
    • Personalize text using tools like conditional logic to add/remove clauses, update pronouns, subject-verb agreement and more.
    • Stop maintaining multiple versions of documents in Word, or wondering whether staff are using the latest copy of a document by automating existing templates. 

Complete projects with ease

Find out how many hours your firm can save.

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