Clio Outlook Add-in

It’s never been easier to capture billable time and save emails to matters in Clio Manage from Microsoft Outlook.

Clio’s Outlook add-in caters to the needs of legal professionals who use Clio Manage and Microsoft Office 365 to take care of business. Easily sync emails, attachments, and time entries from Microsoft Outlook to Clio Manage so your records are organized and secure.

  • Save anything to Clio with a click. File both outgoing and incoming emails and attachments to your matters in Clio.
  • Intelligent bulk filing. Scan your inbox and bulk-file recent messages and replies quickly and easily.
  • Track every billable moment. Create time entries when working in Outlook that are logged to Clio for quick invoicing come billing time.
  • Do more with your favorite business tools. Pin the Clio Outlook Add-in to the interface of your inbox so it is accessible as you are reading and replying to emails.


Clio’s Outlook Add-in is not compatible with Exchange Servers or third-party Office 365 accounts. 

Key Features

  • • Sync emails from Outlook directly to a matter in Clio Manage with one click

    • Outgoing emails can be filed to Clio as they are sent

    • Pin the add-in to your inbox so it appears alongside the compose box each time you are composing an email

    • Matters are suggested based on the email in the To or cc field

    • Search and select entire email threads, and sync all communications to a client matter

    • Save billable time to a matter directly within Outlook

    • Do more with email in Clio. Easily and securely access communications, attachments, and even edit documents with Clio Launcher

    • There’s no extra charge; this integration is part of your Clio subscription with a Boutique or Elite license