How much more revenue can your firm earn with Clio? See for yourself.

The average Clio customer saves 8 hours a week. Calculate how much additional revenue your firm can earn when those hours are put to better use.

Billers must be between 0 and 500.

Non-billers must be between 0 and 500.

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Generate more revenue with fewer resources

Cut down on redundant tasks and free up more time for billable work.

  • Simplify client onboarding

    Automate the entire intake process to save time, reduce costs, and get the retainer or engagement letter signed faster.

  • Manage your practice in one place

    Reduce back-and-forths by organizing case details and accessing client data—from anywhere, anytime.

  • Bill and get paid faster

    Make sure every minute spent working is accounted and paid for by tracking time, generating bills, and automating payment reminders.

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What does return on investment mean?

Return on investment (ROI) is a performance measure used by businesses to quantify the value of an investment. In the simplest terms, ROI represents the additional dollars you’ll earn for every dollar invested.

When using our calculator, a ROI of 20x would mean that for every $1 invested in Clio, you would earn an additional $20.

How are the results calculated?

The calculation uses data obtained from surveys of US consumers combined with internal user data.

Survey respondents were representative of the US population by age, gender, region, income, and race/ethnicity based on US census statistics.

User data is aggregated and anonymized, and collected from tens of thousands of Clio users. Based on analysis of feature usage across Clio users, we can estimate increases in revenue generation based on the number of features utilized in the Clio platform.

This estimate is paired with projected time savings resulting from the use of the Clio platform, with the assumption that time saved on non-billable tasks is dedicated instead to billable work that generates revenue for the law firm.

Am I guaranteed to see the results shown in the calculator?

The figure presented by the calculator is not a guarantee and should be interpreted only as a potential outcome of using the Clio platform. The calculation shown is an informed estimate, based in part on data analysis which compared groups of Clio users according to the number of features they utilized in the Clio platform. This analysis has identified positive revenue generation trends associated with the use of more Clio features. These trends are averages observed across a large sample of Clio users, and your own experience may vary considerably.

The calculation also takes into account time savings on non-billable tasks. To achieve the best results, users should reinvest this time in the completion of billable work that will generate revenue. Firm size, practice area, geographic location, amount of discounted or pro-bono work completed, and other factors will all impact your actual results.

Are there other cost savings when moving to Clio?

Yes, there are additional cost savings that may not be reflected in the calculator without a full analysis of your firm’s setup.

Here are some of the additional ways our customers save money:

  • Reduce cost of using multiple software: Clio plans include free e-signatures, unlimited document storage, and online payment processing.
  • Reduce printing costs: With Clio, you can reduce your physical documentation requirements to save on printing, scanning, and shredding.
  • Free award-winning support:24/5 access to our customer support team at no cost, removing the maintenance fees associated with keeping outdated programs running.

How can I make the switch to Clio?

Whether you’re transitioning from a server-based system or another cloud-based solution, Clio’s team of migrations and onboarding experts are dedicated to transferring your data and training your staff—at no additional cost.

To prepare for the change management associated with switching systems, check out our resources.

If you’re ready to get started, set up a no-obligation product walk-through to learn more.