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Legal Workflow and Email Automation Software

Turn complicated client communication into organized and efficient tasks.

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Standardize the client intake process

Automate client intake workflows to ensure no communication or billable opportunity gets missed.

Clio Grow Simplified UI Client Intake Online Intake Tools
  • Know where potential clients are in the intake process

    Get real-time status updates on matters, client appointments, and pending requests with a comprehensive Matter Pipeline and agenda.

  • Secure new clients in one click

    Bring in potential clients and open new matters rapidly with a Quick Intake button that automates each step.

Customize work, task, and email templates

Build step-by-step templates that you and your staff can use to complete repetitive work efficiently.

Clio Manage Grow Simplified UI Contact Management New Contact
  • Organize your firm’s processes

    Keep new cases organized and better manage firm workflows by filtering matters by status, type, location, and more.

  • Account for every detail

    Improve your client intake process with checklists that keep tasks, emails, and appointments in order—and on track.

  • Create, schedule, and send automated-yet-personalized client communications

    Use unlimited email templates, timed-delivery email scheduling, and automated reminders to keep potential and current clients in the loop.

Work the way you want

Streamline the client lifecycle, tailor your processes, and grow your network by connecting with Clio’s other offerings and integrations.

  • Manage clients from intake to invoice by integrating with Clio Manage

    Track and leverage possible client interaction—from the first call to final invoice—by integrating with Clio’s practice management platform, Clio Manage.

  • Connect to apps

    Further tailor your firm’s communication processes and workflows by syncing Clio Grow to other apps.

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See Clio in Action