Clio Celebrated as a Top Employer in British Columbia

For the seventh consecutive year, Clio is recognized as a Top Employer in British Columbia


Clio has been named one of BC’s Top Employers for 2024 by Mediacorp Canada Inc, a distinction that highlights the company as an industry leader in providing an exceptional work environment. This year marks the 19th annual BC’s Top Employer Awards, which celebrates the efforts of organizations in fostering employee connections within their workplaces, particularly noting the increase in hybrid work models across the region.

Katie Koleszar, Senior Director of Employee Success at Clio noted that “this award spotlights Clio’s commitment to a multidimensional workplace experience. Our focus remains on meeting the evolving needs of the 1000+ employees, which further highlights Clio’s position as a preferred employer in this category sector.”

The evaluation process, conducted by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, involved a comprehensive review of various facets such as workplace environment, health benefits, financial and family benefits, vacation policies, employee communication, performance management, training and skills development, and community involvement. This rigorous assessment ensures that only the most progressive and forward-thinking companies are recognized.

Clio’s dedication to creating a human and high performing workplace is evident in its initiatives aimed at enhancing employee wellbeing. These include comprehensive support for family life, mental wellness programs, and the flexible, intentional Distributed by Design workplace model, all of which contribute to Clio’s developmental culture and commitment to employee growth.

The award jurors particularly noted Clio’s leading-edge programs such as compassionate leave top-ups, mental wellness support through employee assistance programs, and a flexible paid time off policy. These initiatives highlight Clio’s thoughtful approach to addressing the diverse needs of its workforce and its commitment to ensuring a balanced work-life integration for its employees.

“Many of this year’s winners are keenly aware that at the root of their success as organizations is the wellbeing of their employees,” says Kristina Leung, managing editor of the annual Canada’s Top 100 Employers project. “Whether it’s enhancing coverage for mental health care or increasing paid time off to enable employees to spend more time with loved ones, this year’s winners understand that taking care of employees is a central part of every decision their organizations make.”

This award joins a series of recognitions that Clio has received, further affirming its exceptional workplace culture and its status as an employer of choice in the industry. More recent awards include: 

  • Best Managed Company, Gold Standard, Deloitte, 2023
  • Canada’s Top 100 Employer, Media Corp, 2024
  • Top Employer for Young People, Media Corp, 2023
  • BC’s Top Employer, Media Corp, 2023

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