We’re a tight-knit and diverse team of developers, product managers and designers, production engineers, and security professionals invested in supporting each other and the wider tech community.

We often lead the deploys of solutions that are shipped globally. We are quick to provide support and fresh ideas—no matter the role or experience level. We see ourselves as one team working together to create a better product and a great culture.

But that responsibility doesn’t stop at our doors. Whether it’s speaking at POLYGLOT YYC, sponsoring YYC Ruby, partnering with Chic Geek, or exhibiting at PivotTECH, we develop local talent and make a name for Calgary on the world stage.

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  • Broad Portfolio

    Expand your skill set and role working on and leading a variety of projects from accounting and document management solutions, to security protocols, and internal subscription systems.

  • Continuous Deployment

    We are putting Calgary on the map by deploying global solutions 50 times a day, a rarity in the tech industry that we’re really proud of.

  • Structured to Succeed

    Every developer is set up and empowered to solve problems for customers through the right tech stack and access to knowledge.

  • Clio Calgary office
    Taking some time to unwind and connect with teammates.

    Where we work

    Work in the heart of downtown Calgary at what has quickly become the city’s headquarters for tech collaborators and innovators.

    The open concept layout encourages collaboration, and features eight different meeting rooms, lounges, and one-on-one spaces to accommodate any size and style of meeting.

    Aside from our rotating Friday lunches, we offer a modern lounge and kitchen space, stocked with a variety of snacks and beverages to fuel the creative juices.

    Make use of the Edison’s fitness centre, basketball court, shared patio space and more…did we mention there’s a golf simulator?

Solving the same problem—together

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