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  • Arken logo

    Arken Professional

    The Clio-Arken integration makes it possible to create a client…

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  • InfoTrack

    Court e-filing and expense tracking.

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  • jubileebk_logo

    Jubilee BK

    JubileeBK is an intuitive online bankruptcy software for the legal…

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  • interactivelegalsuite_logo

    InterActive LegalSuite

    InterActive LegalSuite™ is an Estate Planning and Elder Law Planning…

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  • Founded

    Founded is a legal automation platform to incorporate businesses and…

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  • Scrive eSign

    Bridge the final gap to 100% paperless operations with Scrive…

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  • Tracers

    Where traditional legal research ends, Tracers begins. Law firms have…

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  • Candle Logo


    Candle is your personal injury suite for Clio. Automate medical…

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  • ElderDocx

    ElderDocx is the signature document-drafting system produced by ElderCounsel, a…

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  • TrialLine

    TrialLine is a cloud-based legal timeline tool. Clio users can…

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  • DeedNetwork

    DeedNetwork provides deed information and easy to use tools that…

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  • Yourefolio Logo - Clio Integration


    Yourefolio is the most complete, yet simple to use estate…

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  • dealcloser

    dealcloser is a transaction management hub for legal professionals that…

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  • WarRoom

    WarRoom is a web-based application that makes it easy to…

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  • Docketman

    Docketman helps small and solo firms simplify their real estate…

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  • InvoiceConvert

    InvoiceConvert easily and securely converts invoices between different LEDES formats.…

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  • BigLegal

    BigLegal is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for the legal industry…

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  • Evichat

    Evichat is a tool that allows law firms to collect,…

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  • Inventive-IP

    Effortlessly search, identify, assess, and monitor IP instantly with Inventive-IP's proprietary…

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  • WealthCounsel

    WealthCounsel is a membership-based organization providing estate and business planning…

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  • FlexxLegal

    For law firms looking to enhance workflow optimization, reduce costs…

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  • Medilenz Services

    Medilenz Services is an Artificial Intelligence assisted application and service…

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  • Lead Docket

    Lead Docket provides tools to ensure timely follow-up with leads…

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  • DocketBird

    DocketBird enables lawyers to easily access their federal court ECF…

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  • Record Grabber

    Retrieve medical records with ease! Record Grabber alleviates the hassle…

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  • 123 Logo


    The Clio-FamilyLaw.DivorceHelp123 integration makes the financial disclosure process effortless for…

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  • Docketwise

    Docketwise is fast, intelligent, and intuitive form preparation software for…

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  • Alt Legal Logo - Clio Integration

    Alt Legal

    Alt Legal is a different kind of IP docketing software…

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  • Legalist

    Legalist is an AI-powered litigation finance company that can pay…

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  • Factbox Clio Integration


    FactBox helps busy litigators connect all the facts, notes, and…

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  • CourtTrax Clio Integration


    CourtTrax provides real-time access to State and Federal courts across…

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  • PrimaFacie

    PrimaFacie is a stand-alone application that syncs with Clio to…

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  • NextChapter

    Bankruptcy Software for the Modern Attorney® NextChapter is a cloud-based…

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  • Traklight

    Traklight technology identifies potential legal matters, business risks, IP, and…

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  • Name Warden

    Name Warden automatically dockets all USPTO trademark deadlines and tracks…

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  • DCS – Revolutionizing Estate Management

    Directive Communication Systems (DCS) delivers a powerful solution to estate…

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  • AgileLaw E-Exhibits

    AgileLaw replaces paper exhibits with electronic exhibits, allowing attorneys to…

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  • CaseMail

    U.S. Courts approved cloud-based communications platform.

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