7 Things to Know About Clio for Personal Injury

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Personal injury law

Many personal injury lawyers can relate to the frustration of shoehorning distinct case management requirements into technology that doesn’t quite meet their needs.

Want to ditch piece-meal solutions? Look no further than Clio, now offering a seamless practice management solution customized just for personal injury practices.

Clio, the legal industry’s leading practice management software, now offers everything you need to seamlessly manage personal injury cases. We’ve got everything you need to know about features like medical record management, settlement calculator, built-in HIPAA compliance, and more below.

1. The tools you need—right within Clio

When it comes to practice management, one-solution-fits-all just doesn’t work for personal injury lawyers. So we built a suite of features just for personal injury firms.  

From HIPAA-compliant medical record management to automated settlement calculations, your firm can run seamlessly within the world’s leading legal practice management solution.

Say goodbye to make-shift integrations and workarounds with Clio. 

2. Medical record management, made easy


Keep matters organized and spot what’s missing at a glance. You can now add medical providers to a matter in the medical records tab and organize information like:

  • A service provider’s contact information
  • Client treatment dates
  • Corresponding medical records and bills
  • Medical record request dates and follow up reminders

When using the settlement calculator, all medical liens will be listed under “medical liens and outstanding balances” and are automatically deducted from your total recovery amount

3. Auto-calculated damages

In the new medical damages tab, you can add damages to the matter (such as lost wages, general damages, or punitive damages).
Clio will automatically calculate the total damages as well as let you sort the amounts by damage type. Medical liens will be summarized automatically and shown as special damages in the damages summary. 

Further, you can export the total from your damages summary tab as a CSV file and attach it to your demand letter to streamline your paperwork. 

“Personal injury law is highly competitive, and the lawyers who understand how to get their technology to work for them are the ones who will emerge from the pack. Clio isn’t just a tool, it’s a catalyst for law firm success. Yes, they have delivered the solutions we need to become more efficient, profitable, and client focused, but it’s now a matter of leveraging every advantage this technology offers to run a stronger, more profitable practice.” – Robert T. Simon, Founder and Partner, Simon Law Group.

4. Automatically calculate recovery amounts and track changes in medical liens and fees as you negotiate

Tired of fiddling with spreadsheets and double-checking that you’ve included every cost during negotiations? Our new features consolidate important data from your medical records and damages tabs in the settlement tab, so you can make quick, informed decisions during recovery negotiations.

The settlements tab also tracks and updates:

  • Recovery amounts for multiple sources
  • Your legal fees
  • Medical liens
  • Non-medical liens
  • Matter expenses (e.g., expert witness fees)
  • Reductions

Clio will automatically calculate the expected client compensation after expenses and reductions. 

You can input different amounts to inform your negotiations and maximize your client settlement—for example, when negotiating with providers to reduce medical liens.

5. The only practice-specific legal practice management

Transform your legal experience with the first-ever practice management software to offer practice-area specific add-ons.

Whether you serve one or multiple practice areas, you can add Clio’s suite of personal injury features by user to meet your firm’s unique needs.

Plus, you only pay for the individual users you add to the personal injury suite. 

6. HIPAA compliance is built in

Lawyers have a lot to consider. With Clio for Personal Injury, you can reduce your mental load knowing HIPAA compliance is baked into the software. Collect and store medical records, bills, and other personal health information within Clio with confidence.

7. Next-level experience for your clients and firm

Offering a client-centered experience just got easier. Our personal injury features work right within Clio, with no setup required.

You can immediately start adding damages, medical records, and more to your matters. 

The result? Effortless workflows that help you maximize settlements so you and your clients get the best result possible.

Book a demo today to see Clio for personal injury in action.

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