Secure, seamless file management with Clio Drive

Create, access, and collaborate on your matter-related files right from your desktop and securely sync them to Clio. Already using Clio? No need to wait: You can install and start using Clio Drive today.


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Document management made simple

  • Access your client and matter files directly from your desktop
    Edit and save files without multiple add-ins
    Keep your files backed up with secure, unlimited cloud storage

Clio Drive makes it easy to work with your files

Clio Drive
  • Manage legal documents right from your desktop

    Work on your case files as if they were stored locally on your computer. Drag and drop files and folders across contacts and matters directly from your file explorer.

  • Easily find legal documents when you need them

    Keep your legal documents stored in one central place. All matter-related documents are automatically organised by client name and matter so you can locate files in seconds.

  • Build a more collaborative work environment

    Your team will always have access to the latest files, allowing other firm users to pick-up where you left off, avoiding duplicate versions, lost work, and misplaced files.

Secure document storage that’s always backed up

  • Secure, unlimited cloud storage

    Securely store all of your files in Clio Drive so you can keep your documents backed up without filling up your hard drive space.

  • Authenticated login credentials

    Your confidential documents in Clio Drive are protected by a required login and safeguarded by Clio’s bank-grade security.

  • All-in-one document solution

    With Clio’s integrated document management solution, you can manage your files in one place without the need for third-party solutions.

Install Clio Drive today

Easily access and store all of your legal documents in one central place with Clio Drive. Download the desktop application from within your Clio application today to get started.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Clio Drive?

To get started, sign in to Clio Manage and select the Documents tab from the left-hand menu. At the top right, click Desktop Access and then initiate the installation process for the Clio Desktop App.

What is the Clio Desktop App?

Clio Desktop App is a collection of three powerful document solutions, making it simpler to manage matters from your desktop.

  • Clio Launcher: Allows you to create, access, and edit documents.
  • Clio Drive: Syncs files from your computer to Clio Manage.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap: Scan documents directly to Clio Documents.

What Clio subscription plans is Clio Drive available on?

Clio Drive is available across all Clio subscription plans.

How secure are my files in Clio Drive?

Clio Drive is a virtual drive that mirrors your Clio Manage files from Clio Documents onto all of the devices you’ve authenticated through Clio Drive. It provides the same level of security you can rely on from Clio’s web application.

I currently use third-party integrations like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, NetDocuments, can I still use Clio Drive?

Yes. At no additional cost, Clio Drive offers functionality similar to what you have come to expect with other document integrations. You can still use your current integrations alongside Clio Drive.