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Approved by Law Society
Clio is working in partnership with the Law Society of England and Wales and is an approved supplier of the Law Society of Scotland.

Attract and retain new clients online—even while working remotely.

  • Automate your intake process

    Automate your intake process

    Use shareable, online intake forms, e-signatures, and document automation to turn your firm’s client intake process into a simple, organised system in the cloud.

  • Schedule consultations and sync your calendars online

    Schedule consultations and sync your calendars online

    Enable effortless appointment booking with Clio Scheduler, Clio’s online appointment booking tool. Clio will automatically sync your intake and case management calendars so that you can rely on a single scheduling platform.

  • Automate redundant tasks, emails, and workflows

    Automate redundant tasks, emails, and workflows

    Streamline day-to-day tasks like email follow-up and data entry, lowering overhead and freeing up time for more profitable tasks—so you can focus on what matters most.

Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Organise and nurture your potential new clients, existing clients, and professional contacts from one convenient platform.

Clio Grow Simplified UI Client Relationship Management Matter Pipeline
  • Client management

    Manage your contacts and email lists with a cloud-based legal CRM to ensure that no relationship or business opportunity falls through the cracks.

  • Automate your most important tasks

    “Set and forget” essential aspects of client retention and communication—like client intake, appointment reminders, and email follow-ups.

  • Organise your contacts

    Search, tag, and filter your contact lists, so you can easily access your entire contact database whenever and wherever you need to.

Online Client Intake

Eliminate data entry and non-billable tasks with customisable, public-facing online intake forms and other easy-to-use, time-saving features.

Clio Grow Simplified UI
  • Intake organisation

    View potential clients in one centralised location with Clio Grow’s robust Matter Pipeline. Sync Clio Grow with your website so potential clients show up in your Lead Inbox automatically.

  • Intake form customisation

    Create custom intake forms (or have us build them for you), and then share the forms online via email and SMS—or post them on your website—so potential new clients can submit their information straight into Clio Grow.

  • Lead and revenue tracking

    Gain valuable data insights with Clio Grow’s in-depth reporting metrics. Learn how potential clients find you, and which referrals generate the most revenue.

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