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Clio is the cloud-based legal case management software that makes running your firm, organising cases, and collaborating with clients from one place possible.

“For me, Clio stood out; it looked great, was user-friendly and appeared to be the most useful for an English law firm. Really, I didn’t turn back after I found Clio.

David Turney

Avery Law LLP

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    Over 1,000 5-star user reviews on Capterra

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    Over 150,000 lawyers rely on Clio to help manage their law firm

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    Over 66+ bar associations approve Clio to their members

Your clients rely on you.
Lawyers rely on Clio.

  • Clio Manage Mobile Simplified UI Case Management Manage Desktop Mobile

    Advanced document management

    • See how Clio can help you create documents faster and more accurately.
    • Robust security features keep your information safe at all times.
    • E-signatures eliminate the hassle of downloading, printing, or scanning to get documents signed.
  • Clio Manage Simplified UI

    Easy billing for law firms

    • Stay on top of every billable moment with intuitive and easy time recording, ensuring your bills are accurate and your business is profitable.
    • Billing has never been simpler—or faster. Easily customise your bills based on practice area, case type, or client.
    • With Clio, it’s easy to keep track of the funds in your client accounts.
  • App Ecosystem EMEA

    Integrate with your most used apps

    • Clio integrates with the most popular legal accounting tools, such as Xero and QuickBooks Online, for simplified accounting
    • Eliminate duplicate entries and ensure every calendar at your firm is in sync.
    • Organise and access all your documents using the most popular document management services available.

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