Why Client Experience Matters

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In the practice of law, small changes can have a big impact. In 'Matters', a podcast from Clio, each episode focuses on one discipline, learning, or lesson for law firms looking to break free of the status quo and transform the practice of law, for good. With actionable advice from practicing attorneys, law firm leaders, and subject matter experts from the worlds of law and business, Matters helps lawyers and legal professionals alike put new strategies and tactics into place that will dramatically impact their law firms.

How can your law firm succeed like Amazon? With a focus on the client experience. Greg McLawsen and Joshua Kubicki explain.  



A podcast by Clio

A podcast by

   Small changes can have a big impact.   

   Brought to you by Clio.   

How can your law firm use data to make better business decisions? Hear from Billie Tarascio, Owner of Modern Law, and George Psiharis, COO at Clio.