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A Three-Part Course on Building a Virtual Law Firm

Meet clients where they expect to find you in a digital world

Innovate Legal Online presents the Virtual Law Firm Series, a three-part online video series designed to help lawyers build sustainable, distributed virtual firms. Whether you’re starting a new firm or implementing new processes in your existing business model, this series will equip you with the right knowledge and tools to successfully run a cloud-based, virtual firm.

  • Opening a Virtual Law Firm

    Learn how to set up and run a distributed, cloud-based law firm—and what to consider when opening a virtual branch of your existing law firm.

    Featuring Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE, Founder of SKB Law, Avinder Laroya, Co-founding Partner at Serenity Law, and Andrew Donovan, Director of The Compliance Office.

  • What to Consider Before Buying Legal Technology

    Events in the past months have forced many law firms to shift their entire operating system to a fully virtual world. We will discuss what you should consider before migrating to the cloud.

    Featuring Simarjot Singh Judge, Managing Partner of Judge Law and Karl Kohlmann, Practice Management Consultant at Clio.

  • Marketing Your Law Firm in 2020 and Beyond

    Gone are the days of in-person networking and direct mail advertising. Find out how to attract, educate, and meet your clients where they are now: online.

    Featuring Shainul Kassam, Founder & Commercial Solicitor at Fortune Law.

Meet the series participants


  • Sarah Khan Bashir MBE


    SKB Law

  • Avinder Laroya

    Co-founding Partner

    Serenity Law

  • Andrew Donovan


    The Compliance Office

  • Shainul Kassam

    Founder & Commercial Solicitor

    Fortune Law

  • Simarjot Singh Judge

    Managing Partner

     Judge Law

  • Karl Kohlmann

    Practice Management Consultant



  • Geraldine O'Reilly

    Community Manager UK 


  • Nick Francis

    Senior Growth Manager


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