A Clio Cloud Conference Packing Guide

We’re just one week out from the 2014 Clio Cloud Conference and for those of you lucky enough to attend, no doubt you’ll be thinking to yourself “what the heck do I pack for this thing?” Don’t worry. We’ve got some ideas. Of course, if you live in Chicago, the answer is easy: a big smile, an appetite for learning, and your fun socks (thanks to our own Ben Lam for that little tip). But that applies to basically everyone.

So too does our business-casual dress policy (which really isn’t a policy). We’re a classy operation at Clio, but you need not dress for a court appearance—there’s no judge or jury present, just like-minded legal professionals who share your passion for learning, technology, and above all, law. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the things that Clio team members were most thankful that they brought last year.

For Derek Rawlings from our Product team, it was a hoodie—which funny enough is also the one thing that he completely regretted not having at the baseball game. Ditto for Angus Wong, who takes care of our IT needs: “It gets chilly in the skybox, and a lot of people went out and bought souvenir Cubs sweaters because of that.” Autumn is coming. You’ve been warned. So whether you’re a Cubs fan or a Cards fan, a team hoodie comes in handy.

Or a sweater, jacket, or extra layer. It isn’t called the Windy City by chance, after all. Graham Kennedy, our Director of Product Development, was glad he brought eye drops because “the days are long and sleep is a privilege.” Make no mistake, even though the evening events are a lot of fun, the days’ sessions are a demanding test for the Clio team. Zach Pope wished that he brought a blazer to jazz up his blue Clio shirt, but did bring a ton of multivitamins—which gave him all the energy he needed to keep being awesome while helping out at the conference.

And finally, what would they suggest that you bring with you? Graham says you should bring a charger for your mobile device, while Catherine recommends that you bank some sleep. (“You will need it.”) Angus suggests comfortable shoes to walk in, since you’ll be on your feet all day (he would definitely know), and Zach would go old-school with a notebook and pen. We may have everything in our smartphones and tablets, but hey, you won’t have to worry about your notepad running low on battery.

If you are flying in, remember that the average taxi trip from O’Hare to downtown Chicago can run about $60 (and take just as many minutes). We recommend you be prepared to pay in cash because Chicago cabbies will generally prefer it, leave a tip, and ask for a receipt. Your accountant will thank you for the latter. And if you are coming from outside of the United States, don’t forget that passport.

Our final suggestion? Let your friends, clients, colleagues, and followers know what you’re up to and share the moment through social media. Our hashtag for the conference is #ClioCloud9. So post away on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Last year’s conference trended on Twitter; let’s make that a trend that continues in 2014. Other than that, bring your zest for learning, good food, and great networking—a fistful of business cards goes a long way (think referrals).

If you see Ben, make sure to show him you’ve got your fun socks. We’re making sure he’s packed his. What are some of your must-pack items.

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