Clio Redefines Practice Management Software for the UK with Ground-Up Reinvention of their Platform

As legal technology reaches new levels of importance and adoption in law firms, the new Clio experience sets a new standard with over 220 lawyer-specific enhancements.

Dublin, ROI – Today, Clio, the world’s first and leading creator of cloud-based legal practice management software, releases the new Clio experience: a ground-up reinvention of their award-winning legal technology platform. With a growing number of integrations and 220+ enhancements based on user feedback, Clio provides law firms in over 90 countries with one secure, central, online solution to run their practice. Now with more flexibility, improved ease-of-use, and even more efficiency, Clio gives lawyers a competitive advantage and a better way to run their firm.

The new Clio experience offers reengineered performance of its legal software and more ways to securely run a practice with modern, cloud-based technology. Not only is every task undertaken in Clio magnitudes faster to complete, Clio has invested in new technologies that lay the foundation for a future of constant improvement and development.

From new navigation to an entirely updated interface, Clio’s design team brought user experience to the fore with every change—creating a tool for lawyers centred around their specific needs. Over the last year, Clio has invested over 600 hours and 60 days of customer interviews to validate the need to show more essential client and case information on each screen, and make it easier to accomplish more with fewer clicks and less scrolling for every member of a law firm.

The release of the new Clio experience comes at a pivotal time as lawyers look to new technologies that align with industry-specific problems and requirements. A 2017 report from the Law Society of England and Wales states that, “increasingly firms will need to foster an innovation biased culture and develop firm-appropriate innovation processes, techniques and supporting technologies if they are to remain competitive and relevant to clients.”

“The new Clio experience offers a law-society approved solution to ensure our customers can focus their time on winning cases,” said Jack Newton, CEO and Co-Founder of Clio. “With Clio, lawyers can easily collaborate with clients, and stay on top of ongoing cases. We provide the technology lawyers need so they can remain focused on practicing law successfully.”

Continuous innovation that propels customer success is the backbone of Clio and was the driving force behind the new Clio experience. Customers using Clio are seeing the difference it makes in their daily lives.

“I chose Clio primarily because it’s in the cloud and therefore accessible from anywhere and secure. I also particularly liked the look of the interface, it’s fresh and modern,” says Rachel Roche, a Clio customer and solicitor in York England. “Clio also seems to be continually working on improving their systems and integrations, unlike some more dated, locally hosted systems.”

Every aspect of Clio, including the iOS and Android mobile apps, now leverages a common Application Programming Interface, API v4, which lets partners and customers alike build and connect custom technologies to Clio—extending both the power of Clio’s customisations and the limits of the firms that use them.

Clio is fostering an ecosystem that far outpaces the rate of innovation of any single company, with a growing portfolio of integrations and a platform for innovation that creates the opportunity for many more. Clio builds specific integration partnerships that align in delivering tailored solutions to solicitors’, and their staff’s, challenges. Integrations range from legal applications like CloudMask, which allows customers to encrypt cases, documents, emails, and other privileged records to ensure data protection and client confidentiality is not compromised; to familiar applications like Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, allowing customers to easily access and edit Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 documents and files from Clio.

Access to information through technology is not only advocated for by many in the legal profession—it is essential for lawyers as well. The Law Society of England and Wales noted, “Mobile devices and networks are already a primary means of accessing information for a large section of the population. Legal service providers and advice agencies are taking advantage of mobile technology to facilitate access to legal services and provide information about different options for those with legal problems.”

With their European headquarters in Dublin, Clio is equipped to meet the distinct needs of the UK and Ireland markets—Clio complies with legal cloud computing legislation, has built relationships with the UK’s leading law societies and bar associations (including the Law Society of Scotland). Clio’s software is at the forefront of technological advances and security, employing one of the most secure data encryption techniques available, alongside two-factor authentication and rigorous security audits to ensure the safety of customer data. The software can be accessed securely on any device and any system, anywhere.

As recent reports show, technology will play an even greater role in the way law firms operate in the future. To ensure the next generation of legal practitioners is set up to compete in the market Clio donates over £4,570,000 globally in Clio software to law schools, including 20 UK-based universities, student legal clinics, and university-affiliated nonprofits. The Clio Academic Access Program (CAAP) ensures a stable and growing future landscape and, ultimately, helps those seeking access to justice with new levels of ease and ability.

“As a student-run endeavour, we’ve found Clio most valuable in the area of multi-platform data sharing and communication, as well as being a secure information upload facility capable of advanced automation,” said Szymon Durlo, volunteer at the Edinburgh Napier Law Clinic and member of CAAP. “The system’s clarity, transparency, and simple user interface have been the primary reasons for its successful implementation in our organisation. Through its emphasis on automated time-saving features, Clio has proven to be one of the most efficient tools at our disposal.”

Through its network of over 150,000 customers worldwide, and its partnerships with law societies, international bar associations, and pro-bono programs, Clio is leading the legal tech industry by serving legal professionals and law firms of all practice areas and needs, every single day. Clio collaborates with those firms to bring exciting innovations to their customers, and help those customers better serve their own clients.

As such, Clio is the only legal practice management solution that meets the unique needs and legal requirements for customers worldwide while also integrating with technologies that unify the legal industry globally, all while becoming a central hub for the legal practice and the future of the industry.

“We believe technology will continue to transform and redefine the legal practice, and we are committed to providing a solution that meets the needs of European and UK legal professionals,” said Newton.

More information on the new Clio experience for legal professionals is available on our website.


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