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How to Grow a Law Firm: Creating a Winning Law Firm Culture

In this free “How to Grow a Law Firm” session, Tenet Law’s Liane Atcheson and Paula Crowther discuss how to create a winning law firm culture centred around your firm’s ‘why’.

The recording is now available to watch on demand. 


Seeking to attract and retain top-performing staff in the midst of the quitting phenomenon known as “The Great Resignation”? Your law firm culture could be the key to your success—not just for employee retention and job satisfaction but also for client retention and revenue growth.

That’s been the case for one of the UK’s most innovative firms, Tenet. 

In this episode, the sixth of our How to Grow a Law Firm series, Tenet’s Liane Atcheson (Fraud and Litigation Solicitor) and Paula Crowther (Head Of Marketing) discuss how their firm has created a winning culture centred around their firm’s “why,” and the results they’ve achieved from this approach. 

Tenet  has created a firm that prioritises culture and core values, emphasising purpose over profit. That includes enabling remote and hybrid working, rejecting presenteeism, and even removing fixed working hours. 

The result? Fulfilled, committed employees, happy clients—and incredible growth. 

Join us as Liane and Paula discuss:

  • How to understand your ‘why’ (and stick to it)
  • Putting people and product before profit
  • Fostering a team environment that favours collaboration over seniority or presenteeism
  • The surprising impact of removing targets and fixed working hours
  • Keeping competition external, not internal

Duration: 45 minutes 


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A photo of Liane Atcheson, Tenet Law
Liane Atcheson

Fraud and Litigation Solicitor

Tenet Legal

Liane Atcheson is a fraud and litigation solicitor, focused on helping individuals and businesses prevent, detect and respond to fraud and dishonesty. Liane has a straight-talking, outcome orientated approach, understanding that whatever the nature of the fraud and whatever its scale, fraud impacts us all differently. Liane works with individuals right through to multi-million pound companies both in the UK and abroad, across a wide variety of industries with a diverse exposure to differing types of fraud and litigation issues.

A photo of Paula Crowther, Tenet Law
Paula Crowther

Head Of Marketing

Tenet Legal

Paula is a marketing and business development professional with over 15 years in the professional services industry, including holding positions at both an international accountancy firm and a national law firm. Paula supports Tenet by raising awareness of fraud through educational campaigns and knowledge sharing, bringing content to life and proving that “legal” doesn’t equal “boring.” With a demonstrated history of running national campaigns, brand collaborations and large-scale events. Paula specialises in strategic planning, digital marketing, client engagement and lead generation.


A photo of Erica Mills, Clio
Erica Mills

EMEA Content Marketing Manager


Erica Mills is Clio’s content marketing manager for the EMEA region. She has over 15 years’ experience in editorial, marketing, and content roles, including working with the Law Society of Ireland’s Diploma Centre as a marketing executive.

Erica is passionate about social justice and in highlighting how legaltech can improve the daily lives of solicitors, barristers, legal professionals, and their clients.