What’s New in Clio: Product Releases and Updates

The latest product releases and updates in both Clio Manage and Clio Grow

Recording now available to watch on-demand

Making the operation and management of law firms easier and giving legal professionals time back to focus on serving clients and the law is what Clio strives to do. That’s why we are always focused on launching new features and releases that will continue to transform the legal experience for all. 

In this webinar, Regina O’Shaughnessy, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Clio, ran-through some recent product updates, new partner announcements, ClioCon roundup, and gave a sneak peek into some new feature releases we’re working on, including:

  • New updates that will make legal billing and accounting even easier for UK firms
  • Report and automation improvements that will keep you on top of your pipeline and calendar
  • A new legal website feature that Clio will be rolling out to all customers (sole practitioners and small firms will love this one!)

Join us to see what Clio has in store for law firms this winter!

Duration: 35 minutes

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Regina O’Shaughnessy

Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMEA


Regina O’Shaughnessy is an experienced product marketing professional who thrives on spearheading product marketing initiatives that enable a wide range of professionals to find the product solutions that can transform how their businesses operate.

Additionally, as a small business owner herself, Regina understands the complexities of running a business. Throughout her work with Clio, she utilises that knowledge and experience to help lawyers and other legal professionals to master their time and firm operations, ensuring they have the time to do what they do best: practising law and serving clients.

Regina has over 10 years experience in marketing across legaltech, banking, finance, aviation, fintech industries, experience working throughout Ireland and Australia, and holds a Masters in Digital Marketing & Analytics.