A Guide to Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance

Take the stress out of applying for or renewing your solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance with some helpful tips from Clio and Lockton Solicitors

Tips to Make Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance Simpler

Many legal firms, particularly in England and Wales, cite solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance (PII) as one of the biggest stresses and costs they have. This free downloadable guide, prepared by Clio with the assistance of PII broker Lockton Solicitors, aims to take some of the mystery and the stress out of the application and renewal process of solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance.

Areas covered include:

  • The PII rules for the UK and Ireland
  • The current PII market in England and Wales
  • The 4 steps to take when purchasing PII
  • What insurers look for (and analyse)
  • The impact your firm’s website and social media accounts can have on your quote
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