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Legal Task Management with Clio – 3 Easy Tips

Join this free session to learn how Clio makes legal task management easier for all law firm team members.

Recording now available to watch on demand. 


Managing an ever-growing “to do” list is a challenge for a lot of law firm staff. That’s where legal task management software can help. 

Join Clio EMEA practice management consultant Hanna Johari as she shares three essential tips for making legal task management easier with Clio. 

In this free 30-minute session, she’ll show you how you can save time, increase efficiency, and decrease staff workload by using Clio’s legal task management capabilities, including: 

  • How you can manage your individual tasks, including setting reminders and flagging important dates on a task
  • How to create specific task lists and regular task types, enabling you to automate your task processes and manage your workflows
  • How to assign tasks throughout your team, including how managers can assign tasks to employees and legal admin and reception staff can assign tasks to individual lawyers

See how Clio can reduce administrative burden and make legal task management easier for everyone in your law firm with this free session.

Duration: 20 minutes


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Hanna Johari

Practice Management Consultant


Hanna Johari is a Practice Management Consultant with Clio. Hanna has been with Clio for nearly two years and she looks after our customers in the EMEA region. She has been working in tech sales for the past 6 years and previously worked for companies such as Dropbox and Docusign.

Hanna works with solicitors and legal firms in various markets to improve efficiencies and streamline workflows using Clio.