Take Control of Your Data with Clio

At Clio, we understand how vital it is for you to have outright control and easy access to your data—always. We’ve noticed a troubling trend: many services lock you in by making it hard to transfer your data. They effectively hold your data hostage, limiting your choices and freedom.

We’re here to change the narrative.

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No Lock-Ins, No Strings Attached

Your trust is our priority—Clio does not lock you in with complex data retrieval processes or proprietary data formats. If your needs change or if you simply decide to move on, Clio empowers you with the capability to take your data with you, with no pushback, no delays.

Our Promise: Your Data Belongs to You

  • Data Rights

    At Clio, your data rights are non-negotiable. You have the full authority over your data:

    View and access your data whenever you need it. No exceptions, no hidden fees.
    You have total control of how your data is used and who gets to see it.

  • Data Portability

    You can access and port your data as needed, on your own terms:

    Move your data to any other service whenever you wish. It’s yours, after all.
    Our compatible data formats are standard and open, making transfers hassle-free.

  • Data Transparency

    We provide straightforward, step-by-step instructions on how to:

    Retrieve all your data from Clio
    Understand the data you have
    Transfer data to another service

A Better Service for a Better Experience

We believe that a service should win you over with its quality, not by trapping you with your own data. At Clio, we're proud to offer:

  • Our streamlined workflows and our support team are here to help, not hinder, your success

  • Continuous improvements guided by customer feedback and industry best practices

  • Robust security to keep your data safe, because data portability should never compromise data protection

Join Clio

Embrace a service that respects you and your fundamental data rights. Choose Clio for a partnership based on trust and the freedom to move as you grow. Ready to experience the difference with Clio? Get started today and feel the freedom of true data portability.

At Clio, we don’t just talk about data rights and portability; we champion them. Your data, your control, our commitment.