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How Legal Workflow Automation Increases Law Firm Revenue and Efficiency

Article 7 min.
A conveyer belt of tasks highlighting the benefits of legal workflow automation

Marketing for Solicitors and Law Firms: 7 Tips for Email Marketing

Article 15 min.
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How to Build a Better Client Intake Process at your Law Firm

Client expectations and staff expectations have changed, which calls for a shift in the client intake process. Make sure your firm has adapted.

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Finding Your First Clients: Law Firm Marketing Tips for New Sole Practitioners and Small Firms

Article 11 min.
A figure raising a flag that is in the style of a "Hello, My Name Is..." sticker.

A 3-Step Guide for Assessing New Law Firm Technology

Article 6 min.
On top of a pale blue background, there are three printing fingers, each pointing at different symbols relating to a law firm's operations: an email envelope, a calendar, a timer, a pie chart, and more.

Clio's Top Innovations, Releases, and Resources for UK Law Firms in 2021

Article 5 min.
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How Clio Supports This English Legal Aid Firm

Discover how Clio’s legal aid case management system helps a busy English legal aid firm, specialising in immigration law, to be more accurate.

Immigration Advice Centre