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Legal Task Management with Clio - 3 Easy Tips

Managing legal tasks can feel overwhelming, but Clio makes it easier. Join this free legal task management webinar to find out how.

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The Online Lawyer: The Rise of the Virtual Law Firm

Remote/hybrid working has changed how law firms work and has led to the rise of the online lawyer. What does this mean for the…

Article 6 min.
An image depicting the online lawyer: it shows three video call screens with a person of a different gender and ethnicity in each

Mental Health in the Legal Profession

Article 7 min.
An image indicating the effects of poor mental health in the legal professional: An individual is seen, bent over and struggling, while trying to hold up the roof of a court room on their back. The Roman columns traditionally seen on court house that would usually hold the roof up have collapsed, with one leaning one and one fully on its side.

Clio Webinar: Legal Aid Billling

Join this free 30-minute session to learn how Clio can help legal aid practitioners in England and Wales manage legal aid cases.

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How to Grow a Law Firm: Finding Your Firm’s Most Profitable Niche

Join Alex Naray of Naray Law as he discusses cryptocurrency, working with cross-border clients, and identifying the niche areas of law that will help…

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5 Easy Staff Appreciation Ideas For Law Firms

Article 6 min.
Staff appreciation ideas for law firms

Streamline digital AP1 submissions

AP1s are going completely digital from November 2022, so ensure your firm is across everything they need to know to prepare for the transition…

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