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Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance: An Interview with Frances Lodge of Lockton UK

Article 4 min.
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How to Grow a Law Firm: Meeting Client Needs with Legaltech

In this free How to Grow a Law Firm session, David Turney discusses how legaltech can lead to a better client experience.

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Is Work-Life Balance in UK Law Achievable?

Article 17 min.
Lawyer work life balance

A Guide to Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance

Take the stress out of applying for or renewing your solicitors’ professional indemnity insurance with this free guide from Clio.

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The 4 Stages of Client Intake for Law Firms

Article 12 min.
Client intake: An illustration showing a woman opening a door and inviting a client in

How to Grow Your Firm with Legal Client Intake

Many law firms struggle with client intake. This free guide from Clio shows you how to make client intake easier—and why it matters.

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Law Firm Profitability: How Legaltech Can Help Increase Firm Revenue

Article 9 min.
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