Spring Forward with Clio as Break Free Program Relaunches with Fresh Perks

Clio’s Break Free Program offers law firms trapped in lengthy contracts a path to upgrade from outdated legal software with financial support and enhanced features until April 30, 2024.

Break free

  • From now until April 30, 2024, law firms who are unhappy using antiquated legal practice management software can reach out to Clio to help cover the remaining cost of their contract—with a credit of up to 6 months of free Clio software*
  • Recent surveys show that of the law firms transitioning to Clio, 58% switched from legacy systems and 42% from other cloud solutions, underscoring the broad demand for the right legal software

Clio, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based legal technology, is relaunching its acclaimed Break Free Program, designed to empower law firms to transition from long-term contracts with outdated legal practice management solutions to more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly legal practice management software. From now until April 30, 2024, law firms dissatisfied with their current legal practice management software and bound by long-term contracts can reach out to Clio to help cover the remaining cost of their contract—with a credit of up to 6 months of free Clio software*. This relaunch comes with significant updates and insights gained from the initial success of the 2022 Break Free Program and reflects Clio’s deep commitment to the legal community’s evolving needs.

Clio’s Break Free Program has not only liberated law firms from legacy, server-based software constraints but has also seen a significant migration from other cloud-based providers. Recent surveys of law firms that made the switch reveal that 58% of firms and legal professionals made the jump to Clio from legacy systems. In comparison, an impressive 42% made the switch from other cloud solutions, highlighting the widespread demand for superior technology across the board.

“In the world of law, things are always shifting, and it’s clear firms are on the lookout for tools that match their growth and boost their ability to serve clients like never before. Here at Clio, we’ve put a ton of thought into our platform to tackle the exact challenges today’s legal teams face—whether it’s clunky old systems or being tied down by long contracts. Our aim? To offer a reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use solution that not only handles the here and now but also stays a step ahead of what’s coming next. Clio isn’t just another tech provider; it’s a partner in pushing law firms forward, making sure they thrive in a changing world.” –  Sarah Murphy, General Manager, EMEA at Clio.

Why Firms are Making the Move

Clio operates on the foundational belief that law firms deserve the best possible tools for their work, free from the constraints of inadequate software. Recognising the critical nature of a smooth transition, the program includes a complimentary data migration scoping call for every firm. This initiative involves migration experts from Clio providing personalised recommendations, ensuring law firms have a clear, customised plan for their data migration needs, and facilitating a seamless switch to a platform that truly aligns with their operational requirements.

The insights gained from the program’s initial launch in 2022 have highlighted a significant trend: there is a strong desire to move away from legacy and cloud-based systems that no longer serve the evolving needs of law firms. Frustrations with outdated technology, system inefficiencies, and frequent glitches have driven users away from legacy systems such as PCLaw. Similarly, the lack of functionality and real efficiency gains, as well as limitations imposed by rigid, long-term contracts with cloud-based solutions such as LEAP, MyCase, LawCloud, Actionstep and Quill, have prompted law firms to seek out more adaptable, reliable, and supportive alternatives like Clio. The quest for software that scales with a firm’s growth and the need for efficient document management, intuitive interfaces, and robust cloud infrastructure have highlighted the legal industry’s shift towards more dynamic, user-friendly solutions. Clio addresses these challenges head-on, offering a state-of-the-art solution designed to empower law firms in their pursuit of excellence and growth.

Enhanced Support and Seamless Transition

Clio’s Break Free Program offers a pathway to better legal practice management and ensures a supported transition with personalised data migration consultations. Firms exploring Clio’s platform through a product demo will be rewarded with a £/€100 gift card (or equivalent local currency), combining immediate value with the long-term benefits of a more efficient, reliable practice. This incentive and support underlines Clio’s dedication to law firms’ success, inviting legal professionals to embark on this transformative journey by April 30, 2024. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Discover how Clio can redefine your practice’s potential at clio.com/uk/breakfree.