Clio Launches New iPhone App for Legal Practice Management

Themis Solutions Inc. releases groundbreaking new iPhone app designed from the ground up for iOS 7

Themis Solutions Inc. has launched a powerful new iPhone app to complement the company’s widely-used cloud-based practice management platform. The Clio iOS app employs an innovative design to make all aspects of a lawyer’s practice conveniently accessible on an iPhone. Designed specifically to give lawyers complete flexibility, the Clio iOS app keeps every important area of a case only a touch away.

Lawyers are increasingly finding themselves practicing law outside of their offices. In the American Bar Association’ 2013 Legal Technology Survey Report, 77% of lawyers reported using smartphones for law-related tasks, Apple’s iPhone was the most widely cited phone used by lawyers in the survey.

With the new Clio iOS app, lawyers can manage their practices with an intuitive, powerful app. Incorporating a triptych layout, the Clio iOS app maximizes usability by giving users two mobile slide menus on either side of the screen. Swiping from left gives users access to the core features of the application including matters, documents, contacts, billing, calendars and tasks. Swiping from the right reveals a secondary dashboard where lawyers can view upcoming events, tasks, and recent matters.

“Just over a year ago we embarked on a journey to develop an iPhone app that would redefine how lawyers practice law on the go. With the Clio iOS app we’ve given lawyers a powerful and beautiful app that lets them practice anytime, anywhere, “ said Jack Newton, CEO and co-founder of Clio, “We designed the Clio iPhone app from the ground up to take full advantage of the new features and visual language of iOS 7, and deliver an unparalleled user experience as a result.”

Other notable features of Clio’s iOS app include an innovative Matter Timeline to gives a complete visual history of a matter’s progress. Recent events are easily scanned, accessed, and even edited, within the Matter Timeline. The Clio iOS app makes it easy to add Time Entries or Notes to any matter via a convenient Quick Action menu.

The Clio iOS app is available on the Apple App Store and is compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 7. Use of the Clio iOS app is free for Clio subscribers.