Clio Takes Legal Technology Conferences to Cloud 9

Themis Solutions Inc.’s first annual legal technology conference sold out in three months and was deemed a smashing success by attendees, speakers and sponsors.

A sold-out group of 250 lawyers and legal professionals attended the first ever Clio Cloud Conference September 23-24. Attendees learned how to leverage Clio and cloud computing to both improve their law firm’s efficiency and the quality of service to their clients. Over sixteen hours of content were delivered over the two-day conference, including: keynote presentations by Jack Newton, Ed Walters, Doug Edmonds and Andrew Daws; thought leadership presentations by invited speakers Bob Ambrogi, Chad Burton, Richard Granat, Marriott Murdock, Joe Bahgat, Steve Matthews and Joshua Lenon; and “Clio University” sessions led by 24 of Clio’s staff. The conference also featured an “unconference” track where attendees could engage with Clio’s product development team in brainstorming sessions on the future of Clio.

In his opening keynote, Clio’s CEO and co-founder Jack Newton unveiled results of a recent survey of Clio users that found, on average, Clio saved each of its customers 1.7 hours per day of time, or 8.5 hours a week. In his keynote presentation Newton coined this saved time a “Clio day,” effectively an extra day a week that Clio users gain through the efficiencies of using Clio in their law practice. Over the course of the Clio Cloud Conference a Clio firm crew captured attendee’s responses to how they would spend their “Clio day;” a short film based on this material will be released in November.

The conference has been universally lauded as one of the best and most innovative legal technology conferences in the world by speakers, attendees, bloggers and press alike:

“After spending two days at the recent Clio Cloud Conference in Chicago, I’m still trying to figure out what I just witnessed — other than what I hope is the future of legal conferences […] in short, Clio managed to find the perfect mix of interesting and informative general practice-focused materials, with Clio-specific solutions.” — Mitch Kowalkski, National Post.

“Clio Cloud Conference is the definitive meeting point to craft the future of practice management — it’s an entire community of lawyers, partners, developers, and Clio experts sharing best practices and working together to make law firms more successful. If you want to move your practice to the cloud, you have to be there next year.” — Ed Walters, CEO of FastCase.

“Clio’s inaugural user’s conference was, hands down, one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. From the attractive venue (with working wifi!) to the amazing food throughout the day and networking events at night (at no extra charge), Clio’s focus on attendees’ experience was evident. But Clio also delivered on substance, through a combination of speakers focused on future of law issues balanced by detailed tutorials and a “Smart Bar” where attendees could seek hands-on assistance with Clio’s features. Kudos to Clio for not merely serving, but also celebrating your customers.” — Carolyn Elefant, MyShingle.

“The Clio Cloud Conference was not a user conference — it was an event that brought together some of the best minds in the legal tech and practice management space. Clio’s inaugural Cloud Conference was defining moment not for Clio, but for the legal technology community.” — Chad Burton, Burton Law.

The Clio Cloud Conference was supported by leading legal technology companies, including Xero, NetDocuments, Ruby Receptionists, NextPoint, ZenCash, Fastcase, gUnify, DirectLaw and LexThink. These partners form the backbone of what Newton referred to as the “legal cloud computing ecosystem” in his opening remarks, and were on hand over the course of the conference to educate attendees on their services and value-add to Clio.

Work on Clio Cloud Conference 2014, tentatively scheduled for September 22/23, is already under way; pre-registration is available at