Clio Renews Exclusive Partnership with the Legally Speaking Podcast

Enhancing legal expertise and community building through ongoing Clio and Legally Speaking Podcast partnership

In continuation of its partnership, Clio is proud to announce the renewal of its exclusive sponsorship with the globally acclaimed Legally Speaking Podcast for 2024. This collaboration, which began in December 2021, has been pivotal in advancing a shared vision to revolutionise the legal industry, enhancing the professional experience and providing valuable insights and networking opportunities to legal professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. 

The Legally Speaking Podcast, led by Rob Hanna, has become a pivotal platform in the legal community, known for its engaging and insightful content. The podcast’s success is a testament to its quality and the resonance of its discussions among legal professionals and enthusiasts alike. This success has been significantly bolstered by the partnership with Clio, which has not only expanded the podcast’s reach but also enriched its content with valuable insights and thought leadership from the forefront of legal technology and practice management. Together, Clio and the Legally Speaking Podcast have created a dynamic forum that supports legal professionals worldwide, fostering a sense of community and shared learning that transcends geographical boundaries. The collaboration has been instrumental in connecting listeners with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, making the podcast a go-to resource for anyone looking to stay informed about the latest trends and innovations in the legal field.

Sarah Murphy, General Manager, EMEA at Clio notes “Seeing the tangible impact of our joint efforts—be it through elevating the legal experience, providing rich educational content, or fostering meaningful connections within the industry—has been incredibly rewarding. We are deeply committed to our shared vision of transforming the legal landscape, and we look forward to achieving even greater heights together with Rob Hanna and the entire Legally Speaking Podcast team.”

This partnership has facilitated thought leadership, educational resources, and networking opportunities, significantly benefiting the legal community. Clio’s commitment to innovation and efficiency, coupled with its endorsement by prestigious organisations like The Law Society of England and Wales and the Law Society of Scotland, positions it as a trusted resource for over 150,000 legal professionals globally.

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