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Young business woman with eyeglasses working on her laptop computer while sitting on the sofa in the living room
Young business woman with eyeglasses working on her laptop computer while sitting on the sofa in the living room
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The Best Law Firm Resources From Clio So Far in 2022

Every week on the Clio UK website, we publish a selection of the guides and resources UK legal professionals need to run their firms to the best of their ability. 

Whether you’re working to increase compliance, want to decrease costs and increase efficiency in your firm, want to get better at law firm marketing, or are looking for tips on legal recruitment and hiring in the midst of “The Great Resignation” trend, there’s a resource for you. 

Keep reading for a round-up of the most useful law firm articles, blog posts, and downloadable guides from Clio UK that were published this year. 

Legal Recruitment and Hiring Resources

While the legal sector, as with most industry types, is currently dealing with “The Great Resignation,” legal recruitment, hiring, and employee retention can be difficult at the best of times. This can be particularly true for small firms competing with large firms who can pay a premium for staff. 

However, there are a lot of things that firms can do to compete in the legal recruitment space and to keep good employees, as these resources outline:

Legal Compliance Resources

If there’s one thing that can keep firm owners and partners awake at night, it’s the fear of meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Whether it’s trying to find professional indemnity insurance for solicitors that won’t break the bank, maintaining cybersecurity and data protection, maintaining SRA compliance, or achieving the Lexcel Standard, compliance can be a tricky area to navigate. 

That’s why Clio put together the following resources together with some noted UK compliance experts:

For an extended overview of PII, check out Clio’s free resource published this year: A Guide to Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance

Legal Marketing Resources

Legal marketing is crucial for lawyers trying to stand out and grow their services in a competitive environment. It can be simpler and a lot more affordable to achieve a strong law firm marketing strategy than you might realise. 

To get you started (or to take your further) on your legal marketing journey, check out the resources below:

Surprised to see “client intake” on a list dedicated to legal marketing? It can be of huge benefit to your firm’s marketing efforts and your profit overall. 

Check out our 2022 guide to learn more about this topic: How to Grow Your Firm with Legal Client Intake

Resources for Increasing Firm Efficiency

Working smarter, not harder, is in the wheelhouse of every firm and legal professional. You might just need a few tips to get started. Whether you’re interested in legal automation, want to increase your firm’s efficiency, or want to increase profits, check out the resources below: 

Lawyers to Be Inspired By

Of course, if you would rather take some inspiration from some lawyers and legal professionals who are changing the world in big and small ways, every day, we’ve got something for you also! 

Check out the stories and case studies of some inspirational lawyers to motivate you and recharge your legal passion:

Happy reading!

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