Clio Customer Spotlight: Life as a Boutique Law Firm Office Manager

Join legal secretary and office manager Shirlee Gardiner as she shares lessons from her 40 years’ experience in the legal profession.

Recorded and available on-demand.

The day of a law firm office manager is a busy one. In addition to making sure that the day-to-day things run smoothly, you’re also expected to be the face of the firm and the person making sure both staff and clients are happy and well taken care of.

If this sounds familiar, join Clio’s Karl Kohlmann for an exclusive chat with Shirlee Gardiner, Senior Legal Secretary at Farha Legal Ltd in London, who specialise in corporate finance. 

With more than 40 years’ experience in the legal profession in both UK and US law firms, Shirlee has a wealth of invaluable insight into what it takes to make a law firm run effectively while wearing many hats. 

In this online event, we discuss:

  • How the law firm has changed through the past four decades and how technology has made those changes easier.
  • When and why to hire a practice manager and other non fee-earning team members.
  • How to keep an office running perfectly as an office manager—even when you’re working fully remotely.

Session duration: 30 minutes 

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Shirlee Gardiner

Senior Legal Secretary

Farha Legal Ltd

Shirlee Gardiner is a highly capable and experienced legal secretary. In addition to her wealth of knowledge of US corporate law firms, she is adept at managing complex diary, travel and document management for firms.
Shirlee has been with Farha Legal Ltd. for four years now, exclusively working from home, before other firms were doing similar. She has a keen eye for identifying and initiating efficiency-driven solutions that ensure she and her firm can provide exceptional support to highly demanding, international, commercial legal services.


Karl Kohlmann


Karl has over five years’ consulting experience in the technology industry, with more than two years spent as a legal case management consultant at Clio. Clio empowers law firms to be client centred and firm focused, working with the Law Society of England and Wales and approved by the Law Society of Scotland. Over the years Karl has worked with hundreds of legal business owners and practice managers to help them solve their legal case management needs. Karl is passionate about educating lawyers on using technology to improve their lives, practices, and ultimately the lives of the clients they serve.