Firm Foundations: A Beginner's Guide to Law Firm Marketing

Now available on-demand 


Growing your law firm’s online presence and attracting new clients are complex tasks, understood well by Elena Manukyan, founder of Socially Legalthe Social Media and Marketing Agency for law firms. 

This on-demand webinar will explore establishing your firm’s unique market positioning and developing an effective marketing strategy, guided by Elena’s marketing expertise and her firsthand experience of founding her own law firm.

This on-demand webinar will cover:

  • Targeting the right client personas for your firm
  • Elevating your firm’s visibility with social media
  • Tips on deciding the right channels to maximise outreach

… and more.

Duration: 45 minutes 

This session is perfect for any legal professional wanting to raise their profile and enhance their marketing strategy.

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Elena Manukyan


Socially Legal

Elena Manukyan is the founder of Socially Legal, a company focused on enhancing the online presence of legal professionals. Drawing from her experiences as both a solicitor and a law firm founder, Elena recognised the challenges and opportunities in utilising social media for legal practices. Starting her own firm in 2020 with limited resources, she successfully leveraged social media to grow her client base, highlighting its potential for the legal industry.

Socially Legal reflects Elena’s approach to digital marketing, offering support to law firms, barristers, and solicitors in making their mark online. Her journey illustrates a practical path for legal professionals aiming to increase their digital visibility and reach.


Laura Leech

Marketing Manager, Emerging Markets


Laura manages new market activity in regions across EMEA. Laura’s primary goal is to expand Clio’s customer base by identifying and pursuing growth opportunities within new and developing regions. Laura is passionate about transforming the legal experience for all.