Firm foundations: How to start your law firm

Tuesday, 30th of April at 11am BST 


Starting your law firm might seem daunting and few know this better than Geeta Daswani, founder of The Dawswani Law Company. From starting her firm in 2019 to receiving an award for Excellence Client Service in 2022 Geeta knows the intricacies of starting a law firm can present.

Join us for a webinar where Geeta and Clio’s Thomas Feeney will discuss the steps in establishing and growing a successful law firm

We’ll be giving insights into:  

  • The motivations for starting your practice.
  • Tips on crafting a solid business plan.
  • Strategies for building your network and marketing your services
  • Leveraging Clio’s features to scale your firm’s efficiency and productivity.


Duration: 30 minutes 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain from the experiences and successes of Geeta and to learn how Clio can support your journey from inception to scale.

Save your seat today!

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Geeta Daswani


The Daswani Law Co (DLC)

Her firm, known for its outstanding client service, supports businesses of all sizes. Geeta’s use of Clio’s practice management software from the outset has been central to enhancing her firm’s efficiency and client engagement.

Awarded The 2022 Reisman Award for Excellence in Client Service, Geeta emphasises transparency, client education, and the effective use of technology in legal practice, demonstrating her commitment to client satisfaction and operational excellence.


Thomas Feeney by City Headshots Dublin
Thomas Feeney

Senior Demand Generation Marketing Manager, UKI


Thomas Feeney joined the Clio marketing team in 2024 as a demand generation marketing manager, bringing with him a proactive and detail-orientated approach.

Beginning his career as a sales rep, Thomas then chose to specialise in demand generation, a transition made easy by combining his sales background with a deep-seated belief in prioritising customer success—a cornerstone value embraced at Clio. By empowering our customers, we forge a collaborative path toward transforming the legal industry, nurturing innovation and fostering sustainable growth.