The Making of a Law Firm Series:

The Making of a Law Firm Series: The Business of Selling Your Services

How to use smart business development to sell more legal services and increase your law firm’s revenue

Recorded and available on-demand.

You didn’t become a lawyer to be a salesperson…but if you want to grow your revenue and increase your firm’s success, knowing some of the basics of selling and business can do wonders. 

That’s why, for the ninth episode of The Making of a Law Firm Series, Clio’s UK Community Manager, Geraldine O’Reilly, will be joined by three of our law firm leaders, Kim Cross, Partner at Vine Law, Natalie Foster, Founder at Foster Clay Law, and Elena Manukyan, Partner at The Injury Solicitor, as well as Scott Simmons, Director at Legal Balance Limited, to learn more about The Business of Selling Your Services.

In this free online session, our panel will talk about the important points of business development and sales for law firms, including:

  • How to efficiently and effectively sell more services without losing your personal touch.
  • Why treating your law firm like a business can better serve not just you but also your clients.
  • How firms can use business tools to increase revenue and expand their operations.

Our leaders will discuss their own experiences of opening a growing a law firm in 2020, bolstered by guidance from our expert, and will give you the benefit of their experience.

Attendees will be encouraged to join in on the discussion and to contribute and will be free to ask questions of all our panellists via Zoom chat. 

Session duration: 60 minutes 


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Scott Simmons


Legal Balance Limited

Scott is a toolbox for turning lawyers into rainmakers.

After a successful career in law where he faced similar situations to the lawyers of today, Scott discovered a love of coaching and training that has seen him spend the last 8 years coaching young professionals on how to build their own careers, as well as more senior executives to become rainmakers.

Scott is a husband and father and also an avid film lover, so do not be surprised when he includes a BD analogy relating to ‘Jaws’ or ‘When Harry Met Sally’ into any training or coaching session.

Kim Cross Headshot
Kim Cross


Vine Law

Kim is a solicitor who initially qualified in Australia and moved to the UK in 2009. Along with co-founders Melinda Smith and Cath Collins, Kim started Vine Law in 2020 with the mission to build a firm that focuses on providing exceptional client service and is a great place to work.

Natalie Foster
Natalie Foster


Foster Clay Law

Natalie Foster co-founded Foster Clay in 2020 with the vision to have a friendly, forward-thinking law firm that provides excellent professional service to individuals and businesses both locally and nationally. Natalie saw a gap in the market for a firm offering digital legal services.

Elena Manukyan
Elena Manukyan


The Injury Solicitor

In 2020, after seeing that legal services could be delivered from almost anywhere, Elena decided to launch her own firm. Specialising in personal injury law and being a small firm, Elena is able to offer clients a personalised service which you simply don’t get from large firms in the UK.


Geraldine O'Reilly

UK and Ireland Community Manager


Having had nearly a decade of experience in tech and the legal field, Geraldine has a deep understanding of the needs of businesses and lawyers. Geraldine leads Clio’s European events and community strategy and has spoken and moderated on many occasions about the future of legal, law firm growth, and cloud technology and security. Geraldine is also passionate about helping firms grow.

Join and participate in our Making of a Law Firm Series throughout 2021

This event is part of a year-long series of events The Making of a Law Firm Series, featuring four law firm founders who are building legal businesses that were established in 2020 during a global crisis.

Our 4 leaders are:

Kim Cross, Partner at Vine Law
Natalie Foster, Founder at Foster Clay Law
Elena Manukyan, Partner at The Injury Solicitor
Alistair Wells, Founder and Director at Tend Legal

Together we will tackle questions such as:

How to build a pipeline of clients
How to manage your firm’s cash flow
What technology you need at your firm
How to attract, hire, and keep top talent
How to renew your PII and get the best deal
How to create a strong brand
And much more

If you are interested in joining as an expert, or if you want to suggest a topic to cover, please email [email protected]