Clio Customer Training

Clio Customer Training - Beautiful Bills

Live and recorded Clio training for creating beautiful bills in Clio

Join this Clio training session to learn how to create beautiful Bills in Clio and help your firm stand out from the crowd and provide a consistent experience to your clients.

This training session will cover:

  • An in-depth tour through the Bill Themes feature
  • Hassle-free editing and updating of your bills
  • Creating customised and personalised bills to suit your firm

Duration: 45 minutes: 30 minute demonstration + 15 minute Q&A

Provide feedback and suggest training topics:

We have more free and live training webinars in the works. If you’d like to suggest topics or there are areas of Clio you’d like more help with please let our Manager of Customer Success, Lisa Hampel know at [email protected].

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